Manulife Shares 3 Simple Steps to Get Vietnam Healthy & Moving

3:43:11 PM | 20/9/2019

Be it playing with your children, walking the dog or taking the stairs, Manulife Vietnam is encouraging everyone to embrace a more active lifestyle through simple daily habits.

An increasingly health conscious and digitally aware population is looking for new ways to get motivated and Manulife has a simple solution to help inspire healthy and active living.  

ManulifeMOVE is a new digital health and wellness platform that enables you to live an active and healthy lifestyle, while also rewarding you for every move you make.

Free, simple and fun to use, the award winning ManulifeMOVE is now available for anyone who wants to be inspired to think differently about their health.

Kim Fleming, CEO Manulife Vietnam, believes ManulifeMOVE is a true game changer that will help build stronger, healthier communities in Vietnam.

“Through ManulifeMOVE we have an opportunity to engage the community in more meaningful and rewarding ways. We can educate them on health, incentivize healthy behaviours, and provide tools to help them stay engaged,” said Kim. Encourage/ enable

“ManulifeMOVE is another example of our commitment to the prevention of disease through the promotion of active, healthy living in Vietnam.”

While for some the first step toward active and healthy living is always the hardest, with ManulifeMOVE the first step is the actually the easiest.

Step one: download the ManulifeMOVE app. Step two: hit your goals. Step three: enjoy the rewards. Follow these three simple steps to get healthy and moving. 

The new digital platform offers various insights into users’ health and rewards them for achieving their daily steps target over a period of time.

Users can also connect the app to popular health monitoring and tracking devices such as Apple Health and Google Fit.

ManulifeMOVE has been tailored to reflect Vietnam’s lifestyle preferences, with Manulife continuously expanding its partner network to offer even more reward options across food & beverage, entertainment, gyms & spas, medical, and sports apparel & accessories.

Free and open to everyone, the best thing is users don’t even need to be a customer to use the platform or enjoy the benefits.

“We want to continuously engage our customers and the general public to ensure they lead a more active and healthy lifestyle, while still making sure the experience is enjoyable and memorable,” said Marilyn Wang, CMO Manulife Vietnam.

“With the launch of ManulifeMOVE in Vietnam, Manulife is placing a strong emphasis on making moving a joyful experience.”

Manulife has been pioneering a new health agenda in Vietnam since 2016 when it first became a sponsor of the Da Nang International Marathon.

Vietnam becomes the fifth market in Asia to launch the innovative and multi-award winning ManulifeMOVE.

ManulifeMOVE is now available to download for free at the App Store and Google Play.