Ba Thien II Industrial Park - Attractive Destination for Investors

2:02:00 PM | 25/9/2019

With many advantages such as a favorable geographical position, a smooth transportation system, convenient goods transportation and circulation, a standard investment environment and preferential policies, Ba Thien II Industrial Park has become an attractive destination for many investors.

Located in the northwest of Hanoi capital, the Ba Thien Industrial Park covers an area of 308 ha with a total investment of US$65 million. Ba Thien II Industrial Park is built into four phases, of which the first three phases have been completed. The park has attracted 45 investors from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan (China), Hong Kong (China), and U.S. The occupancy rate reaches nearly 90% of the area of phase 1,2,3 and the investment for phase 4 has started.

Sharing the competitive advantages of the Ba Thien II Industrial Park, Mr. Hoang Thieu Son, Deputy General Director of the Vina CPK Co., Ltd - the investor and developer of the Ba Thien II Industrial Park - said: “One of our competitive advantages is that the park has a complete and modern invested infrastructure system. Vina CPK aims to develop an international standard infrastructure system. Therefore, right since the beginning of the project development, the Vina CPK has always paid attention to the quality of construction of technical infrastructure for production and infrastructure to support the investment services. Specifically, the company has invested heavily in the system of permanent concrete roads, electricity supply, clean water supply, drainage, and wastewater treatment. It has also created a favorable production and working environment on the basis of “Green- Clean-Beautiful- Environmentally Friendly” criteria. The industrial park also reserves a centralized land fund for utility services such as 24/7 security services, fire protection, factory construction, waste collection, service integration, health, and post and telecommunications. The system of banking services, convenient supermarkets, and logistics has been completely built and is being operated by experienced partners, thereby meeting the requirements of production and business of investors and workers.

Most investors have chosen Ba Thien II IP as a reliable investment destination because the industrial park has good technical infrastructure and fast licensing time; especially, the outstanding utilities brought to investors. Investors coming to the park are all facilitated for investment and business activities with competitive rent and flexible payment methods; reasonable construction cost; preferential tax policies; favorable investment procedures. Besides, investing in Ba Thien II Industrial Park, enterprises not only receive support in the implementation of investment procedures and many other services during their project implementation process, but also receive active support from the local authorities. It is the sincerity and appropriate methodical investment approach that Vina CPK has attracted many businesses to the industrial park. This is the greatest success of Vina CPK.

Promoting the available advantages, in the coming time, Vina CPK will continue to upgrade the infrastructure towards a clean, green and sustainable industrial park; as well as improve the quality of services and supports for customers and investors. At the same time, the company will promote its performance to attract domestic and foreign investors in a selective manner. With the advantages of available infrastructure and convenient location, Ba Thien II Industrial Park continues to be an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors.

Nguyet Tham