Madam Do Lien: “I want to inspire entrepreneurship”

1:36:14 PM | 10/10/2019

Overcoming prejudices in society, businesswomen in the era of Industry 4.0 not only conduct their family affairs well, but also conquer the market with their stuff, energy and unique advantages. One typical Vietnamese businesswoman is Madam Do Lien, Founder of LIAN technology insurance application, President of Shark Tank - The Purpose Fund.

Could you please tell us about challenges that you have encountered?

Women are themselves a challenge. That challenge is even greater when they are entrepreneurs. I have myself faced many challenges such as social prejudices, the voice and prestige of a leader, the impact of time and motherhood on health and look, but I had to face and overcome all.

It is said, “Men build houses, women build home”. Above all, I personally always want my husband and I together build both house and home. Therefore, I choose to be strong at work to instill passion on my colleagues. I have to show them my true values with quantified growth every year, the company's position in the market, as well as respect from competitors. Then, they will see that as motivation to get to the finish line together.

Facing pressures of running many large companies with thousands of employees at the same time, have they ever troubled you?

I am fortunate enough to have nearly 30 years of experience in the insurance and finance industry, and hold various positions in different companies and environments, so I am very easy to adapt to my work and develop new ideas.

I think working pressures always exist and I need to learn how to live with them. Of course, business targets are extremely important and are stressful for any leader. But for me, perhaps, the biggest pressure is how to make hundreds of employees and thousands of insurance agents proud of our brand name, confident about our development strategy and optimistic about the career future.

On my journey, I always clearly define my path for any stage, know what steps I take, who I need and how determined I am to achieve a goal. I am also lucky enough to have devoted, talented, motivated and responsible partners with me to share and shoulder those pressures, so now everything goes smoothly and gently.

As far as I am concerned, you are the founder of LIAN technology insurance application, with the motto “Buy 1 minute - Cover 30 seconds.” Do you think your innovation is going against the typical prudence of insurance and financial business?

Insurance is often thought to be slower to change than other financial services, but we are living in an age of technology, in a constantly changing society and environment. If I choose to wait and see, I will be surely left behind. I do not accept such pompous attitude. For me, everything in my hand must be processed quickly, immediately and carefully. LIAN is an innovative brand in technology insurance application, with a clear, transparent approach. My total focus, my experience and prudence in the insurance industry for nearly 30 years make me confident that LIAN will be successful.

Which goal is LIAN Technology Insurance aiming for?

I wish all Vietnamese families to be insured, cared for, and reassured. And, I want LIAN Insurance to be a companion on that meaningful journey. Adopting the superior technology platform with fully digitized processes from buying insurance policies to getting compensation coverage, LIAN has very competitive prices, in line with universal spending. For this purpose, we have designed product packages that are necessary and practical to a majority of people such as household insurance, motorbike insurance, comprehensive care insurance for women; driver insurance, personal accident insurance, house and apartment fire and explosion insurance, teacher safety insurance, inbound travel insurance and others. In the near future, we will launch customized insurance products. I always want to deliver the most satisfaction and peace of mind to Vietnamese people.

As a supporter of fledging startups at Shark Tank Vietnam - Season 3, what are your investment criteria?

Madam Do Lien is the Honorary Consul of the Republic of South Africa in Vietnam. Currently, she is the President of AquaOne Group, the President of Green Vietnam Fund and the Principal of the College of Business Administrator for Managers (CBAM). She is also the Founder of LIAN technology insurance application, the Founder - President of AAA Plus, the senior advisor to VASS Assurance Corporation, the main investor of Shark Tank Vietnam Season 3, 2019.

At Shark Tank, I do not set a limit on financial investment, but investment criteria for qualified projects are very clear: My priority is given to support startups with humanistic ideas and values, for the community, for the environment and for spiritual and material health of people.

I do not require perfect management skills and prepared data of startups at a funding round, but I care about the honesty, humanity and responsibility of founders to themselves and to society. These values will make the success of entrepreneurs while spreading positive energy and sustainable values to the community.

Investment value is not a big matter and project profitability is not a decisive factor to me. I even use project profits to reinvest in the community. I want to encourage entrepreneurship, strengthen trust, help youngsters position themselves and grow beyond their own limits as a supporter rather than a shark seeking profit.

How can you balance your working life and family life?

For me, having good health and great encouragement of my family will help me balance everything and withstand all pressure. My daily routine is physical exercise, like running or cycling. When I have free time, I read books, listen to news and surf Facebook. My family is an endless source of energy and joy. My husband and my children love to eat at home and I thus see cooking as a great joy. Particularly on holidays, my family goes on vacation. For me, such moments are the time for me to refill energy to embark on my work, to feel more fantastic at work and achieve more success.

Thank you very much!