EVN: Strong and Comprehensive Digital Transformation

1:36:56 PM | 10/10/2019

In the digital transformation ‘revolution’ in Vietnam, EVN has always been among the most active pioneers to carry it out in a robust and complete manner to renovate and improve the quality of electricity services and build a digital economy.

“Vietnam digitization” - Opportunities and challenges

Addressing the Vietnam ICT Summit 2019 themed “Digital transformation for a prosperous Vietnam” held on August 8, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said that digital transformation is an opportunity for Vietnam as well as for other countries. Therefore, if we cannot grasp the opportunity, it will become a challenge. To overcome these difficulties, we must have aspirations, willpower and innovations and change habitual thinking and binding. And, the core is applying information technology to create larger added value for every business, higher efficiency for every organization and better opportunity for every citizen.

Also at this forum, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung said that digital transformation includes two steps: Digitizing, and forming new relationships in the digital economy, digital society and virtual world. Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way the economy works. It also changes our mindset, perception and vision to the future.
“This year, Vietnam will announce a national digital transformation strategy to move towards a digital economy and digital society. The fundamentals will be emphasized and invested. Vietnam must have high rankings in the world, to Top 50 in 2025 and Top 30 in 2030,” Minister Hung said.

Complete digital revolution at EVN

To promote digital transformation and achieve its goals soon, EVN has actively embarked on inclusive digital transformation.

Joining the seminar on “Innovative solutions to accelerate digital transformation - ICT infrastructure development and platform technology” at the Vietnam ICT Summit 2019, EVN Deputy General Director Vo Quang Lam said EVN has actively applied information technology to administration, business and customer service for a long time.

20 years ago, EVN was among the first to deploy electronic office (E-Office). Up to now, all EVN units have used the E-Office system for everyday work. EVN also digitally signed electronic documents. Currently, 95% of EVN documents are circulated electronically.

Especially, in business and customer service, in 2013, EVN was the first in the country to issue electronic invoices on a large scale. The issuance of electronic invoices not only modernized and drastically changed its business operations, but also paved the way for electronic payment methods and electronic transactions between EVN and its customers.

In 2013, electricity services provided by EVN were equivalent to Level 1 online public services. In 2018, EVN services reach Level 4 online public services - the highest level. Customer transactions with EVN, from service request to contract signing and payment, are made online via the technology platform.

“In 2019, EVN aims to provide electrical services for customers in the form of electronic transactions,” he added.

Total digital transformation at EVN:
- Corporate governance: Deploying the Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) System, Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and Electronic Office System (E-Office).
- Electricity dispatch and market transaction operation: Deploying SCADA/EMS system, geographic information system (GIS), and energy management system.
- Power transmission: 80% of transformer stations use computer-controlled systems, digital relays are used for protection devices in transformer stations.
- Business and customer care: Providing electricity services equivalent to Level 4 online public services from 2018, deploying CMIS system, remote data measurement system, remote control centers, and unmanned transformer stations.
- Power generation: Distribution control system (DCS) in power plants, EVNHES system, and power management software.
- Information technology infrastructure: WAN network, data center, and virtualization technology.

EVN also diversified power bill payment channels in recent years, including online payment, internet banking, mobile banking and electronic wallet.

EVN has made great strides in applying modern technology to customer care. At its customer service centers, the group not only receives requests and advice via telephone exchanges, but also via website, email, webchat, fanpage and mobile application. In particular, EVN has successfully applied chatbot using artificial intelligence (AI) for customer consultation.

The robust and right digital transformation has created a great boost for EVN, maximized utility services for power users. Customer satisfaction with the electricity industry has kept increasing. Electricity service quality is also appreciated by international organizations. In 2018, Vietnam's electricity access index ranked 27th out of 190 economies in the world, standing fourth in ASEAN, according to the World Bank (WB)’s Doing Business Report.

Presently, EVN is aggressively carrying out the Industry 4.0 Research, Development and Application Project to serve business activities. EVN aims to become a digital enterprise powered by digital applications, information technology and Industry 4.0 in all areas of operation to secure strong, sustainable and effective development. EVN is striving to become a leading corporation in the region.