Swift Digitization and Challenges of Sustainable Development

1:50:57 PM | 10/10/2019

The world is at an interesting stage, driven by robust and rapid changes in swift digitization, urbanization and industrialization. “This will be an opportunity for us to explore, exchange and create new opportunities for digital economies,” said Mr. Tommy Leong, Zone President of East Asia and Japan, on its 25th anniversary in Vietnam.

The world is changing and Vietnam is no exception

The world is changing rapidly and digital flows are evident in Asian countries where more than 50% of global population are living, with outstanding inventions and innovations. Asia has quickly become the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by continuously building modern cities with high-end infrastructure and using technologies to reduce pollution and waste.

Not standing outside that development path, Vietnam is one of countries with high urbanization speed and is stepping into a strong industrialization phase. At the same time, to catch up with Industry 4.0, the Government and businesses of Vietnam pay much attention to digitization evolution in life and business.

The e-Conomy SEA Report 2018 by Google and Temasek showed that Vietnam's digital economy reached US$9 billion in 2018. By scale, Vietnam ranked third in ASEAN, only to Indonesia and Thailand.

According to Mr. Tommy Leong, modern buildings and future technologies make life more modern and comfortable. But, this also raises concerns about sustainable development, especially energy. Efficient energy use and environmental protection are gradually managed and agreed closely. Energy is being gradually directed towards market mechanism. But, the bigger the energy industry is, the more complex and diverse the energy system is and the development process requires more balance, unity, modernization, higher performance and more sustainability.

Challenges of Vietnamese energy market

By 2035, the electricity use rate of Vietnam's energy market is expected to increase by about 60% and 60% of power is consumed by buildings. Although development indicators are increasing rapidly, according to statistics, Vietnam's energy efficiency is still low compared to that of other countries in the region and around the world.

On the positive side, according to experts, Vietnam's energy conservation can be potentially up to 40%. Besides using renewable energy, optimal energy operation and management is key to sustainable development in the future.

Schneider Electric's products and solutions are the company’s efforts to deliver sustainable energy future with the mission “Life Is ON,” Mr. Tommy Leong said.

“We are constantly innovating at every level to develop digital technologies and solutions towards safety, reliability, efficiency, connectivity and sustainability of our customers’ business operations. We call it EcoStruxure - an open IoT technology platform that enables digital transformation of organizations and individuals in the era of Industry 4.0,” he said.

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure energy management and industrial automation solutions for businesses are also specifically designed to improve productivity and efficiency and promote growth without losing sustainability. EcoStruxure innovations are becoming more and more environmentally friendly by reducing carbon emissions. Industrial automation will be Schneider Electric's next focus in the journey to support Vietnamese businesses in digital transformation.

In information technology, Schneider Electric provides infrastructure solutions on cloud computing platform to assist experts in predicting potential problems and identifying partner ecosystems to supply all essential components.

The solutions mentioned by Mr. Tommy Leong were introduced at Schneider Electric Innovation Day on the 25-year anniversary of official operation in Vietnam. At the event, attendants were also invited to visit and experience creative innovations such as EcoStruxure For Building, Power Tag, EcoStruxure Machine & Plant, EcoStrucxure Grid, EcoStruxure for Data Centers and Connected Living. These solutions help businesses to manage energy efficiently and keep up with digitalization trends.

By applying Technology 4.0, cloud computing, Big Data analysis and information processing, Schneider Electric is committed to spreading and building community values to serve life, improve competitiveness and address sustainable development issues of Vietnamese businesses in the digital age.