Binh Xuyen Further Facilitating Business Development

2:01:41 PM | 10/10/2019

Lying between Vinh Yen City and Phuc Yen Town, about 25 km from Noi Bai International Airport and having a lot of passing arterial traffic routes such as National Highway 2A, Hanoi - Lao Cai Railway, Noi Bai - Lao Cai Highway, Binh Xuyen district of Vinh Phuc province has fully tapped its potential and strengths and carried out consistent solutions for a better investment environment, more favorable conditions for business development and stronger motivations for local socioeconomic development.

To attract businesses to invest in the district, Binh Xuyen pays particular attention to planning industrial zones and developing high-tech industries such as electronics, telecommunications, automobile and motorcycle. Currently, the district has detailed the construction and development of seven industrial parks, including Binh Xuyen, Binh Xuyen II, Ba Thien, Ba Thien II, Nam Binh Xuyen, Son Loi and Thang Long Vinh Phuc, with a total area of ​​over 2,000 hectares and two smaller industrial complexes - Thanh Lang and Huong Canh, with a total area of ​​nearly 37 ha. Based on approved detailed industrial park plans, the district engages the power of the entire political system and speeds up ground compensation and site clearance to have a clean land fund assigned to investors. At the same time, Binh Xuyen constructs technical infrastructure to the fence of industrial zones. Typical projects include extended Ton Duc Thang Road, the central road from Huong Canh Town to National Highway 2 and Binh Xuyen Industrial Park, extended Nguyen Tat Thanh Road, the road from Vinh Phuong village of Thien Ke commune to extended Nguyen Tat Thanh Road, lighting systems inside and outside industrial zones, and power grid for production development.

With the motto “The success of businesses is also the success of the district”, Binh Xuyen provides favorable conditions for enterprises to grow their business and seriously handle officers of abusing their positions and powers to harass enterprises. In addition, the District People’s Committee adopts consistent solutions to build an enabling, transparent business environment; speed up administrative reforms for greater publicity and transparency; and reduce the time to settle administrative procedures for business like tax, land, construction, business registration and environment. The local government quickly receives and settles opinions from enterprises; trains human resources; strengthens business dialogues, promptly grasps and handles difficulties and obstacles, and provides favorable conditions for them to stabilize and sustain their business operations. To support local enterprises, in 2012, the district established the Binh Xuyen Business Association which held government-business meetings every 2-3 years from which the government listened to their thoughts, aspirations and opinions of enterprises and figured out production development roadmaps together with them.

By adopting consistent business support solutions, Binh Xuyen operated seven industrial zones whose occupancy rate reached 70-80%. The number of newly registered companies increased steadily over the years. Well-performing companies hired thousands of local workers and effectively contributed to local socioeconomic development. Typical businesses are Viet Duc Steel Pipe Joint Stock Company, Prime Vinh Phuc Joint Stock Company and Piaggio Vietnam Co., Ltd.

To untap local potential and strengths, in the coming time, Binh Xuyen will facilitate business development and provide easier access to land, labor and incentives to start and scale up business operations. It will invest and upgrade technical infrastructure, complete local traffic system, reform administrative procedures for greater publicity and reduce the time needed to tackle administrative procedures for enterprises.