Bluescope Zacs Initiates “Affectionate Pieces” Program Donating Hundreds of Roofs for the Underprivileged

9:40:36 AM | 18/10/2019

BlueScope Zacs in collaboration with local dealers has launched the community program of “Manh ghep yeu thuong” (Affectionate Pieces) to donate steady and durable roofs to the underprivileged in eight localities across the country. 2019 marks the fourth year of the program’s successful implementation. This year, under the theme "Lop mai nhung uoc mo", nearly 300 roofs will reach out to the underprivileged households.

The program is the shared dedicated effort of BlueScope Zacs employees, local dealers, contractors and local authorities with the desire to help alleviate local residents’ difficulties, thereby encouraging them to thrive for a better life.

BlueScope Zacs in collaboration with authorized dealers initiated “Manh ghep yeu thuong” 2019 program to donate steady and durable roofs to underprivileged households.

The donated BlueScope Zacs®+ roof is made with INOK Technology and is manufactured in a modern production line, complying with domestic and international standards to deliver outstanding, high quality products. INOK technology forms the microstructure with 4-layer matrix of protective compounds, proactively prevents corrosion, especially at cutting edges, screw holes and scratches, which is more superior than the current aluminum-zinc coatings alloy-coated technology. Apart from INOK Technology, BlueScope Zacs®+ also applies other advanced technologies such as ECO-COOL solar reflectance technology, G-TECH technology to add texture on the roof surface and the new GEN III painting technology to give the roof long lasting color.

The roof was developed with the INOK
technology, having 4-layer matrix of protective compounds for anti-corrosion from environmental hazards.

Vietnam has inherently harsh natural conditions with a high propensity to natural disasters such as flooding, landslide and drought, which has degraded and corroded many roofs, seriously interfering local people’s daily life. Furthermore, destructive wild weather blows roofs off numerous homes, causing poor, underprivileged households to live in run-down, uninhabitable living conditions. Under the spirit of solidarity, “Manh ghep yeu thuong” 2019 project aimed at sheltering the underprivileged with beautiful, durable BlueScope Zacs®+ roof made with INOK technology that gives long lasting protection against corrosion, minimizing the risk of roof collapsing or blowing off during storm seasons.

Mr. Vo Minh Nhut, Country President, NS BlueScope Vietnam said: “Extreme weather events are of great obstacle to households’ working and living conditions. We sympathize with the difficulties of local residents and we wish to contribute our effort to stabilize their accommodation as well as improve their quality of life by offering beautiful, durable roof. The donated BlueScope Zacs®+ INOK Technology roof with 4-layer matrix of protective compounds and Inox-like anti-rust ability will make local people feel assured upon rainy season, thereby encouraging them to thrive for a better life.”

In Vietnam, NS BlueScope is not only a foreign enterprise known for efficient business performance but also a pioneer in social responsibility, creating values to the community. The company has initiated a wide range of meaningful CSR programs in environmental protection, sustainability and community contribution, among which Run For Green, planting trees to make Long Son Primary School greener, “Labor hygiene safety awareness and sharing program” are typical examples.