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IDICO-URBIZ: Brand of Trust and Quality

Posted: Wednesday, June 14, 2017

As a trailblazer in construction of industrial parks, export processing zones and economic zones at the time Vietnam initiated open and doi moi (renovation) policy and as a pioneer in industrial park development in Dong Nai province, Idico Urban and Industrial Zone Development Company Limited (IDICO-URBIZ) has made 25-year ongoing efforts to realise the mission of creating modern industrial parks with outstanding utility services for customers. With its tireless efforts, IDICO-URBIZ has confidently affirmed its leading position in industrial park investment and development in Vietnam and gained the absolute trust of both domestic and foreign investors.

Nhon Trach 1 - Appeal of a model industrial park
To attain remarkable achievements in industrial park infrastructure development investment, one of top criteria of IDICO-URBIZ is building modern industrial parks with synchronous technical infrastructure inside and outside for investors, notably Nhon Trach 1 (Dong Nai province), Kim Hoa (Vinh Phuc province) and Cau Nghin (Thai Binh province).

These industrial parks are situated in favourable locations with convenient accessibility to traffic routes like highways, seaports and airports, easy employment and synchronous and complete infrastructure system. According to investors, apart from having good attitudes and rendering diversified perfect services, IDICO-URBIZ-invested industrial parks are always the first choice of investors because they have complete technical infrastructure for production and business operations.

With unique advantages from geographic location, transport system and infrastructure to services and facilities, IDICO-URBIZ-invested industrial parks have almost filled up their rentable area. Particularly, Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Park is a sample industrial park in Dong Nai province and a prime success of IDICO-URBIZ’s business operations. This success is attributed to its remarkable investment appeal. First of all is its favourable location, convenient for import and export of goods with a distance of only 22 km from Phu My Port, 15 km from Go Dau Port, 48 km from Saigon Port, and 60 km from Vung Tau Port. In addition, Nhon Trach I Industrial Park is located at the centre of the southern key economic zone where the traffic access is very convenient and the cost of supplying goods to three big consumer regions of Vietnam (Vung Tau City, Bien Hoa City and Ho Chi Minh City) is the lowest. This is also a convenient hub to carry goods throughout Vietnam, and to other countries in the region and the world.

Besides above advantages, Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Park now has synchronous technical infrastructure to meet production and business demands of investors, including power supply, water supply, communications, natural gas supply, water drainage and wastewater treatment systems plus synchronous traffic infrastructure. Not only having ready infrastructure, Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Park also attracts many investors with its attractive supporting policies and incentives such as supporting procedures for investment certification and business establishment at the earliest time and at the lowest cost, incentivising import, export and value added taxes, exempting taxes for the two first years and reducing 50 per cent for the four following years applied to incomes from new investment projects at the industrial park according to the Clause 3, Article 20 of Circular 78/2014/TT-BTC and Article 6 of Circular 151/2014/TT-BTC. Especially, IDICO-URBIZ member units can design and build quality-guaranteed factories in the industrial park at competitive prices.

Given its favourable geographic location, convenient transportation, abundant labour resources, synchronous technical infrastructure, and commitments to “Be ready to provide maximum support for enterprises to invest effectively,” Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Park has quickly become an ideal destination for domestic and foreign investors with 74 projects, which rent all the leasable area. Up to now, 69 projects are in operation. Knowing that environment is an important factor to draw investors to the industrial park, IDICO-URBIZ has paid special attention to environmental protection and eyed to build Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Park into a bright, green, clean and nice destination. This is also the development orientation of Nhon Trach I Industrial Park in the coming time, linked to economic development, investment attraction and security to contribute to the province’s cause of industrialisation and modernisation.

Multi-sector business impressions
Apart from industrial park projects, IDICO-URBIZ has also reaped its success with important projects such as the worker housing project in Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Park, An Hoa Residential Area (first and second phases), Tuy Ha groundwater production plant and Nhon Trach 1 wastewater treatment plant. The strong growth of IDICO-URBIZ is illustrated not only in revenue, profitability and assets, but also in brand value. IDICO-URBIZ-invested projects meet quality, safety and efficiency criteria and are trusted by customers and investors. Especially, construction projects undertaken by IDICO-URBIZ such as a galvanised steel sheet production plant invested by Hoa Sen Group, a steel ingot laminating plant invested by Pomina Steel Corporation and Cora (Big C) Hypermarket in Dong Nai province meet progress, quality and aesthetics requirements. Every project is considered a key project that asserts the brand of IDICO-URBIZ and an opportunity for the company’s leadership and staff to accumulate experience to better fulfil their tasks.

Apart from investing in developing industrial parks, housing and urban areas, material production, and construction, in a bid to catch up with the country’s integration and development process, mobilise maximum resources, and enhance competitiveness against its competitors, IDICO-URBIZ has expanded into some potential business fields such as supplying clean water services and treating wastewater; operating restaurant services, operating golf courses and tennis courts. In any field, the company also exerts every effort, personnel and resource to develop and achieve highest performance, thus helping boost the IDICO-URBIZ brand in particular and the country’s economy in general. With its ongoing contributions, IDICO-URBIZ was honoured to be awarded the Third Grade Labour Order (1997), the Second Grade Labour Order (2002), the First Grade Labour Order (2010), Top Ten Vietnam Trademark Cup (2008), Vietnam Construction Quality Golden Cup (2010), Top 100 WTO Integration Products Award (2010), and Vietnam Prestigious Brand Award in four consecutive years (2009-2012) and many titles, certificates of merit and emulation flags from central and local agencies.

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