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Thanh Phu IP, Sonadezi Long Binh Joint Stock Company Looking to Year of Active FDI Flows

Posted: Wednesday, June 14, 2017

In 2016, Dong Nai was still among the biggest recipients of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam with nearly US$2 billion, of which US$1.45 billion was channelled into industrial parks where the disbursed FDI capital reached roughly US$1.1 billion in the year. This is a great motivation for industrial park infrastructure developers to maintain and promote their leading roles in industrial park investment and operation, and in FDI attraction in Dong Nai province.

Many Dong Nai province-based industrial parks have their infrastructure basically completed. Each industrial park has its own investment attraction strategy targeting certain potential customers.

As in Thanh Phu Industrial Park invested, developed and operated by Sonadezi Long Binh Joint Stock Company with its advantageous proximity to Bien Hoa City and major urban and industrial parks, Sonadezi Long Binh stressed that Thanh Phu is especially suitable for investors seeking to expand their existing operations in industries in and near Bien Hoa City, as well as for investors with the intention of investing in production chains and building supply chains.

According to observations, most industrial parks in Bien Hoa City and neighbouring areas have almost leased out their rentable areas and Thanh Phu Industrial Park will thus have a lot of opportunity to become an appealing and active destination for FDI projects in Dong Nai province. Besides, the name of Long Binh Sonadezi-the investor of Thanh Phu Industrial Park-is also an advantage and a token of confidence of FDI companies when they come to this industrial park. Sonadezi Long Binh Company is one of leading investors and operators of industrial park infrastructure in Dong Nai province, starting with the initial task of operating and maintaining Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Park-one of the first industrial parks in the province. At present, the company is running four industrial parks in Dong Nai with a total area of 686 ha and nearly 180 tenants from over 20 countries and territories in the world. But, the most important value that Sonadezi Long Binh Company contributes to Dong Nai province is its effort to create modern industrial parks and a favourable investment climate for FDI firms. The company’s four industrial parks, namely Bien Hoa 2, Go Dau, Xuan Loc and Thanh Phu, have attracted investment projects from world-renowned brands such as Fujitsu, Nestle, CP Vietnam, Taekwang Vina, Hitsamitsu, Aqua and Cargill. This result allied with solid development and expansive operating scale of many tenants in the company’s industrial parks has contributed to building up the name of Dong Nai province to the FDI sector and contributed to the province’s development as a whole. Currently, tenants in the four industrial parks are employing 123,000 workers and contributing significantly to the province's import-export turnover.
Revealing investment attraction plans in 2017, a representative from Sonadezi Long Binh Company said that the occupancy is now full in two industrial parks, while Xuan Loc Industrial Park has leased over 90 per cent of rentable area. Therefore, in 2017, the company will focus on Thanh Phu Industrial Park by investing in raising service quality for investors, a factor seen to lay the groundwork for sustainable development of industrial land and service in the industrial park.

Duy Hung

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