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Hoang Quan Group: Impressive in Industrial Property Development

Posted: Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Not only leading a well-known investor and developer of social housing and worker housing in southern Vietnam, Hoang Quan Group (HQC) is also a prominent investor, operator and developer of industrial infrastructure with two large-scale industrial parks: 146.2-ha Ham Kiem I Industrial Park (Binh Thuan province) and 162-ha Binh Minh Urban-Port-Industrial Zone.

Forthcoming integration strategy
With its strategically advantageous locations and abundant labour resources, Vietnam is an ideal investment destination for foreign companies. Its integration into the world economy and its signing of trade agreements have paved the way for professional and systematic industrial property development in the country.
To build sustainable ecological urban zones to meet the rising demand from investors, Hoang Quan Group has invested and operated Ham Kiem I Industrial Park in Binh Thuan province and Binh Minh Urban-Port-Industrial Zone (Vinh Long province) to catch foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows and take advantage of international trade agreements to which Vietnam is a signatory.

Both industrial zones have complete infrastructure, internal roads, electricity and water supply systems, waste water treatment plants, fire protection systems, operating offices and pre-built workshops. Flexible land-rent and workshop services, rates, and methods effectively support tenants to carry out their projects.
At the same time, the strategic location-lying at the heart of copious agricultural product, aquatic product, fruits and mineral sources-plus abundant labour force, and synchronous and complete transport infrastructure are strong pulls to investors to place their offices and factories in Ham Kiem I Industrial Park and Binh Minh Urban-Port-Industrial Zone. They can easily reach provincial, inter-regional, cross-border, waterway and air traffic routes from here, thus helping them minimise the time and cost of transportation and ensure the quality of goods and services.

In addition, as a leading real estate, education and finance group and a pioneer social housing developer in Vietnam, Hoang Quan Group built two accommodations for workers and experts called HQC Binh Minh and HQC Ham Kiem in two industrial zones.

Ham Kiem I-A leading light in investment attraction in Binh Thuan
Ham Kiem I has a total area of 146.2 ha, lying adjacent to National Highway 1A and North-South Railway, just 9 km from Phan Thiet City, 5 km from Muong Man Railway Station, 100 km from Vinh Tan-Tuy Phong Port and 180 km from Ho Chi Minh City. The industrial park is situated on a complete traffic system, hence making freight transportation into and out of Binh Thuan province easier and quicker.

With a favourable location, an abundant rentable land fund and complete infrastructure plus enormous advantages in aquatic resources, fruits, minerals and tourism potential, Ham Kiem I is an ideal destination for domestic and international investors to hire land for aquatic product processing, garment and textile, leather and footwear, animal feed processing, agricultural machine manufacturing, fishing gear production, electrical and electronic assembly, dragon fruit import and export.

The current occupancy rate of Ham Kiem I is 40 per cent. Good-performing tenants include Fine Fruit Asia Company, Hong Phu Food Company and Dai Dong Hoa Company. Some companies are carrying out their projects like Binh Thuan Yarn Factory, Viet Dragon Fruit Export Company and Tam Xuyen Agriculture Company.

In addition to infrastructure development, Hoang Quan Group is planning to build a professional vocational school on a campus of 49 ha to supply qualified human resources for investors in Ham Kiem I and others in the region.

Binh Minh-Growth boost to urbanisation in Mekong Delta
The 162-ha Binh Minh Urban-Port-Industrial Zone is constituted by Binh Minh Industrial Park (90 ha), Binh Minh Port (42 ha) and Mekong City (30 ha) on National Highway 1A, 5 km from Cai Cui Port and 5 km from Can Tho City. It has a convenient traffic connection with Can Tho Airport and Mekong Delta provinces.

With a vast clean land fund for rent and a modern and synchronous infrastructure, Binh Minh Urban-Port-Industrial Zone has become an ideal place for domestic and international companies to hire the land for building production factories to process seafood, agricultural product, animal feed, consumer goods and others.
Binh Minh Urban-Port-Industrial Zone now has more than 16 tenants with more than 50 per cent of rentable area leased. Particularly, there are many large-scale and well-reputed customers like Logitem Vietnam Holding and Investment Company (affiliated to Japan Logistics Corporation), New Hope Vinh Long Company (affiliated to New Hope Singapore Group), Truong Long Engineering and Auto Joint Stock Company, Sai Gon Mekong Industrial Machinery Company, Thach Anh Binh Minh Corporation, Vinh Khanh Cable Plastic Corporation, An Phu Irradiation Joint Stock Company, Phu Sa Bio-Chemistry Company and Mekong Printing Company.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of a Logitem workshop on an area of 17,290 square metres, Mr. Hirochika Tomiyama-General Director of Logitem Vietnam Holding and Investment Company, said “Logitem warehouse will be the first distribution centre in the Mekong Delta, not only for Logitem but also for the logistics industry in general in Vietnam. Japanese companies are very keen on this project. When this facility goes into operation, Binh Minh Industrial Park will attract more investors from Japan and help boost economic growth in the region.”

Invested and developed from the enthusiasm, capacity and rich experience of Hoang Quan Group, one of major real estate, education and finance corporations in Vietnam, Ham Kiem I Industrial Park (Binh Thuan province) and Binh Minh Urban-Port-Industrial Zone (Vinh Long province) have strongly attracted companies to speed up investment into Binh Thuan and Vinh Long provinces, helping develop key industries and the local economy.

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