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CIZIDCO Unlocking Resources for Industrial Development

Posted: Thursday, June 15, 2017

Since their inception, North Chu Lai Industrial Zone and Tam Thang Industrial Zone have quickly become ideal destinations for many investors because of their favourable locations, synchronous infrastructure, considerate services, low rental prices and particularly attractive incentive policies. As the infrastructure investor of North Chu Lai Industrial Zone and Tam Thang Industrial Zone, Chu Lai Industrial Zone Infrastructure Development Company Limited (CIZIDCO) - with the action slogan “The success of investors is ours” - has always supported and provided investors with best services and utilities, thus helping generate new employment for local labourers, speed up socioeconomic development, and ensure harmonious benefits for Quang Nam province and investors.

Shining brand name of North Chu Lai Industrial Zone
As one of five industrial zones in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, North Chu Lai Industrial Zone has a total area of 361 ha (176.5 ha built in the first phase and 184.5 ha in the second phase) in Tam Hiep commune, Nui Thanh district. It has an advantageous location, particularly convenient road, rail, sea and air traffic routes, and lies near National Highway 1A, North-South Railway and Da Nang-Dung Quat Highway in the south. In addition, the industrial zone is only 2 km from An Tan Railway Station, 2 km from Tam Hiep Port, 8 km from Ky Ha Port and 8 km from Chu Lai Airport. Tenants in the park can thus easily transport inputs and outputs.

In spite of facing numerous hardships in early days, with the support and guidance of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Committee and the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone Authority, as well as the considerate support of concerned branches and localities, combined with the continuous effort of the staff, CIZIDCO has gradually reaped successes in infrastructure construction, service delivery and logistics services, as well as investment promotion.

To date, North Chu Lai Industrial Zone has attracted a lot of environment-friendly, high technology, industrial value-added and export projects like mechanical engineering, electricity, electronic components, construction materials, wooden furniture, apparel and handicraft production for export. Most investment projects in North Chu Lai Industrial Zone have large-scale investment, over US$10 million. In 2016 alone, North Chu Lai Industrial Zone drew two foreign direct investment (FDI) projects with a combined capital of US$50 million. Thus far, the zone is housing 29 investment projects with VND5,146 billion of registered capital (VND3,452 billion already disbursed), and nine FDI projects with US$81.23 million (US$23.48 million disbursed). The occupancy rate of North Chu Lai Industrial Zone (first phase) reached 95 per cent. Tenants in the park employed more than 6,000 workers, accounting for 50 per cent of employees in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone. Until now, many Chu Lai-branded products like electronic components made by CCI Vietnam Limited, export wooden furniture made by Minh Duong Chu Lai Wood Joint Stock Company, handicrafts made by Vinh Gia Co., Ltd, construction chemicals made by Mapei Company, and stainless steel products made by Son Ha Company have been consumed strongly in the global and domestic markets.

With its achievements, North Chu Lai Industrial Zone has contributed significantly to the success of Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, gradually affirmed its important position in the cause of industrialisation and modernisation of Quang Nam province, whose vision is to become a modern industrial province in 2020. By promoting the success in the first phase, CIZIDCO started to build the infrastructure for the second phase of North Chu Lai Industrial Zone with an additional area of 184.5 ha, 9 per cent of which has been leased to tenants. Currently, the company is carrying out infrastructure investment to attract investors to basically fill up the park by 2020.

Breakthroughs in investment attraction: Tam Thang Industrial Zone
Tam Thang Industrial Zone covers 197.1 ha in Tam Thang and Binh Nam communes, Thang Binh district. Approved for construction in 2003, the occupancy rate remains low because of limited infrastructure. By the end of 2014, in order to create momentum for socioeconomic development in Tam Ky city, the Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee assigned CIZIDCO as the investor of Tam Thang Industrial Zone. With its practical investment experience from North Chu Lai Industrial Zone plus the resolution of the entire leadership and the staff as well as the support of all-tier governments and the people, CIZIDCO confidently marked its success in land compensation, clearance, resettlement and infrastructure investment to attract investors.

Since South Korea-based strategic investor Panko confidently chose Tam Thang Industrial Zone to locate its business, the result of investment attraction in Tam Thang Industrial Zone has made a breakthrough after just over one year. Up to now, Tam Thang Industrial Zone has 11 investment projects with a combined registered investment capital of US$214.5 million and VND40 billion, hiring 105 ha. Of the sum, eight projects were granted investment licences with US$160.5 million and VND40 billion. Three projects registered to invest some US$54 million in Tam Thang Industrial Zone.

Mr Nguyen Van Chung, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director of CIZIDCO, said Tam Thang Industrial Zone is defined as a key destination for textile and garment and its supporting industries. In addition to advantages in geographical location, traffic, infrastructure and reasonable land rentals relative to other competitors in central Vietnam, one of decisive factors to the effective investment attraction in Tam Thang Industrial Zone is a preferential investment mechanism.
Situated in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, tenants in North Chu Lai Industrial Zone and Tam Thang Industrial Zone are entitled to the highest investment incentives in accordance with the law of Vietnam. Moreover, the industrial park managed to attract the strategic investor Panko from the start to create the spill-over effect on supporting investors which came to Tam Thang Industrial Zone to support and share gains.

Remarking on development orientation of Tam Thang Industrial Zone in the coming time, Chung said, to ensure the best infrastructure for investors, Tam Thang Industrial Zone’s Authority plans to expand the area by 260 ha to exert a pull on environment-friendly, high technology and capital-intensive industries to ease labour demands for Quang Nam province, increase production values, sharpen competitiveness of industrial products and lift the position of Chu Lai-Quang Nam-branded industrial products on international markets.

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