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Clean Energy Solution for Families

Posted: Monday, June 19, 2017

International Development & Investment Corporation (IDI) is estimated to save nearly 20 per cent on electricity bills a year after it installed solar panels on its seafood processing factory No. 1. This clean energy system has a total generating capacity of up to 2 million kWh of electricity a year. The equipment supply and installation was performed by Koyo Group, a Japanese strategic partner of Sao Mai Group. Competitive pressures are always fierce in whatever business environment. Thus, cost savings are a top priority for any business. For its part, Sao Mai Group always applies cutting edge technologies in business.

Shortly after Sao Mai Solar Plant, a member of Sao Mai Group, inaugurated the 1.06MW solar energy system, it created a positive domino effect on public awareness of clean energy. Solar energy is not only used to heat the water but also to power up electrically-enabled devices. At present, economic growth pace, climate change and rapid population growth have resulted in high demand for electricity. Consequently, fossil fuels are becoming increasingly depleted and water flows on the earth surface are moving unpredictably. For that reason, developing renewable energy sources is a new direction that many businesses aim for.

To catch the new development trend of mankind, Sao Mai Group spent nearly US$2 million installing a solar cell system on the roof of Factory No. 1 of IDI Corporation. This is only the first step in the group's plan to develop a series of solar power plants with a combined generating capacity of 2.5 billion KWh of electricity a year in the next 10 years, which will be sold to the national grid, equal to the total annual power consumption of An Giang province today. Engaging in solar power investment and business, a potential field being paid much attention by the Government and society, with many preferential policies issued, Sao Mai Group is ready to step into a new stage of development and take the lead in the national green energy revolution.

Solar energy is renewable, green and environment-friendly. Using this energy source is a strategic new direction that supports the fight against global climate change. Many products and services launched by Sao Mai Solar during this period have shown the group’s vision. Hence, its quick action in solar power production is a right and rational strategy within the global development trend. Sao Mai Group has raised the vanguard flag in the early stage.

Bringing clean energy solutions to households
From the pilot solar power production project installed on the roof of Seafood Processing Plant No. 1, Sao Mai Group expanded it to use for outdoor smart lighting system and energy-saving LEDD lighting systems in its working offices and production factories in Sao Mai Industrial Complex. More boldly, this idea has also been realised for household consumption. As it is a natural energy source, solar power use is simple. Specifically, solar panels receive solar radiation - the energy we get from the sun - and convert it into direct current (DC) - unidirectional flow of electric charge. DC power is converted into alternating current (AC) power by an inverter and connected to the grid. The solar power system is portable, easy to carry and easy to install; thus, it is suitable for all households and enterprises in various regions from cities to rural areas, including hilly and mountainous areas. As battery performance is up to 98 per cent, families do not need to use a pressure stabilising battery. The trust of customers is built by consultants and technicians trained in Japan. Equipment is imported from foreign countries and is guaranteed for 25 years.

Solar cells of Sao Mai Solar have a capacity of up to 335WP, meet European product standards for finely and beautifully designed surfaces, withstand the harshest weather conditions, and resist both wet salts and ammonia. Installing this PV cell system will turn every household into a clean mini generator which will power up electric devices. Besides, it serves as a heatproof shield for the house. Using solar PVs is a way to protect our long life and the next generations.
Up to now, Sao Mai Group is the first unit in the country to embark on this valuable source of clean renewable energy. The group will further help Vietnam deal with power shortages and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the human habitat.

Vietnam has a population of over 95 million people, ranked 13th in the world. Thus, it has huge demand for clean water, waste treatment, clean energy and renewable energy. Against this backdrop, developing renewable energy, or clean energy, is important as it opens up new energy-saving opportunities for many households, especially those in remote areas where the national power grid has not reached.

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