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Developing Industrial, Export Processing and Economic Zones towards Quality and Sustainability

Posted: Friday, August 04, 2017

Tay Ninh has geographical advantages - lying near Ho Chi Minh City; relatively convenient traffic connections to ports and airports; suitable natural conditions for industrial development (land with high bearing capacity, free from flooding, abundant water sources, etc.); easily recruited workers; attractive investment incentives; and valuable support from the provincial government. The integration of these favourable factors has helped Tay Ninh gain strong appeal to investors and add colours to the landscape of investment attraction in industrial, export processing and economic zones.

Positive signals
In the 2005 - 2010 period, the value of investment capital attracted into industrial, export processing and economic zones was just US$100 million a year, but it increased five times to US$500 million in the 2011 - 2015 phase. In particular, in 2016 alone, the Tay Ninh Economic Zone Authority granted 24 new investment projects valued US$258.27 million and VND1,460.26 billion (US$65 million) into industrial, export processing and economic zones and allowed 74 projects to adjust their investment capital base, including 24 projects adding US$452.23 million and VND210.001 billion. Up to now, Tay Ninh province-based industrial, export processing and economic zones have 287 investment projects with a combined investment capital of US$3,798.6 million and VND14,069.12 billion (totalling US$4,565.6 million). Of the sum, 196 projects are operational. They have hired thousands of local labourers.

To have the above results, the Tay Ninh Economic Zone Authority has actively improved the investment environment and administrative reform to secure enterprises to do long-term business in the province. To make it easier for organisations, individuals and enterprises to deal with administrative procedures relating to investment and enterprise registration in industrial, export processing and economic zones, on August 15, 2016, the Tay Ninh Economic Zone Authority coordinated with the Provincial Department of Planning and Investment to issue a regulation on coordination in settling investment registration procedures, business registration procedures and procedures for modifying enterprise and investment registration certificates applied to tenants in industrial, export processing and economic zones in Tay Ninh province. Administrative procedures (procedures for granting investment certificates for projects not subject to investment encouragement policy, procedures for terminating project operation, procedures for extending investment schedule, procedures for temporary project suspension, etc.) need just five days to be completed, instead of 10 working days as earlier.

In addition, the Tay Ninh Economic Zone Authority always promotes dynamism, creativity and initiative in tackling difficulties and obstacles against enterprises; strengthens ways of promoting investment like using existing investors to make the local investment environment known to new potential investors and attract them to the province to set up new business ventures (by creating favourable conditions for existing investors when they carry out and operate their projects; timely assisting them to deal with emerging issues in business operations; providing best public services, etc.). In addition to working with existing investors to promote investment opportunities, the authority has also actively coordinated with relevant agencies to organise overseas investment promotion missions to actively search for investors and introduce the local image and business - investment climate.

Mr. Kieu Cong Minh, Director of the Tay Ninh Economic Zone Authority, said Tay Ninh province is striving to accomplish its common goals, but it does not advocate developing at any cost, but developing towards modernity, efficiency and sustainability. As for industrial parks, the province attaches importance to building technical infrastructure and social infrastructure (schools, kindergartens, etc.) to develop industrial zones in a sustainable manner; gives priority to attracting capital-intensive industries and supporting industries using advanced automation technologies, making high added value and using less land and human resources.

He said, the available land in industrial, export processing and economic zones is relatively large (about 600 ha), enough for projects requiring up to 50 ha of land. As for industrial zones in operation, the province has focused on building and developing synchronous infrastructure in order to reduce expenses for tenants. As for Moc Bai International Border Gate Economic Zone, the authority has urgently disbursed ODA funds for infrastructure investment to better serve customers. At the same time, the authority advised adopting industrial and logistics development target programme to create new motivation for the formation of Moc Bai New Urban Area. Especially, the blueprint Ho Chi Minh City - Moc Bai Expressway will play an important role in economic development and urbanisation axis of the region. This is the Trans-Asia Highway linking economic centres, border gate economic zones and urban centres in the Southern Key Economic Zone with seaports and international airports in the region and with ASEAN. With such importance, Ho Chi Minh - Moc Bai Highway, once put into operation, will connect the Moc Bai International Border Gate with Ring Road 3 and Ring Road 4 of Ho Chi Minh City to form a continuous traffic network with Ho Chi Minh City and open up tremendous opportunities of investment attraction for Tay Ninh province in general and its industrial parks in particular.

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