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Last updated: Monday, October 22, 2018


Much Room for Vietnam’s Honey Products to Increase Market Share in EU

Posted: Wednesday, December 06, 2017

With the increasing demand of consumption, the EU is seen as a potential import market for Vietnam’s bee honey and a second "door" to reduce dependence on the US market.

At the seminar "Maintaining and expanding the market for Vietnam’s honey products exported to the EU" organised recently by the European Investment and Trade Policy Support Project (EU-MUTRAP) in cooperation with the Vietnam SPS Office (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) in Ho Chi Minh City, Deputy Director of Vietnam SPS Office – Mr Le Thanh Hoa said that although Vietnam now meets the technical requirements for management and monitoring of chemical residues as prescribed for honey products exported to the EU and from March 2013, the EU has also allowed the import of honey products from Vietnam. However, the production of honey exported to the EU currently accounts for only a small fraction of the total honey exports of Vietnam to the world market, while the demand for honey imports from Vietnam from partners EU is huge.

To further illustrate the potential of the EU market, Mr Dinh Quyet Tam, President of Vietnam Beekeepers Association said that if Vietnam exported only 16,730 tonnes of honey in 2007 and in 2016, the figure has increased to over 40,174 tonnes, but only 1,330 tonnes were exported to the EU market (more than 3 per cent of production), 38,514 tonnes were exported to the United States (about 90 per cent). In spite of the main importer of honey, the US market is in an alarming situation as there has been a decline in both output and export value over the past two years. Meanwhile, with the growth rate of 5.5-7 per cent/ year, the consumption demand is equivalent to the United States, the EU is seen as an opportunity to help Vietnam honey export reduce dependence on the US market, avoiding the case of "putting all eggs in a basket". "In recent years, the number of bee colonies and beekeepers in the EU has decreased, giving rise to an increase in the honey export volume of Vietnam to the EU each year, from 293 tonnes in 2007 to 1,330 tonnes on 2016; especially, in the first nine months of 2017, Vietnam's honey exports to this market have reached 1,469 tonnes. In a short time, Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement will come into effect, which facilitates tariffs for Vietnam’s bee honey and many other incentives," said Mr Tam.

Despite potential for Vietnam’s honey products to increase its market share in the EU, according to Mr Hoa's analysis, quality is a top concern, especially when the EU is a strict market for quality and security for food hygiene. Mr Nicolaus Bieger, an international expert on the EU-Mutrap project, said that Vietnam is now in the "third country list", meaning that Vietnam has established the residue monitoring system and can prevent the export of poor quality honey that does not conform to EU requirements in a good way.

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