Da Nang Hi-tech Park and Industrial Zones Authority Motivating Socio-economic Growth

10:48:40 AM | 24/7/2019 | DA NANG

Investment attraction into Da Nang Hi-Tech Park and industrial parks has produced very impressive outcomes in the past time, as the Da Nang Hi-Tech Park and Industrial Zones Authority is devoted to support investors and incentive policies are very appealing.

Da Nang Social Security Boosting ID Application to Administrative Affairs

10:42:20 AM | 13/5/2019 | DA NANG

Da Nang Social Security has focused on directing and implementing administrative procedure reform...

Da Nang Port - Leading International Trade Gate for Mekong Subregion

3:36:32 PM | 21/11/2018 | DA NANG

Da Nang Port, founded 117 years ago, has proved its important role in industrialisation, modernisation and international economic integration of Da Nang City in particular and the central region in general...

Vietcombank Da Nang for the Development of the City and the Business Community

2:49:57 PM | 18/9/2018 | DA NANG

Siding with Da Nang City on development path, Vietcombank Da Nang has made every effort to go through difficulties and challenges to become a leading prestigious bank with a wide range...

Da Nang Sets New Role and Position

2:47:54 PM | 18/9/2018 | DA NANG

Da Nang City has introduced many right and effective policies recognised by the central government, localities, investors, businesses, tourists and people across the country in the past years,...

“Da Nang does not attract investment at all costs”

2:44:46 PM | 18/9/2018 | DA NANG

This is confirmed by Mr Tran Van Son, Director of the Da Nang Department of Planning and Investment. He added that Da Nang City licenses investment projects for its socioeconomic development purposes...

Da Nang Determined to Regain PCI Leadership

2:41:21 PM | 18/9/2018 | DA NANG

The Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of Da Nang City is always among the country’s leaders, with seven times out of 13 years securing the top place in the annual rankings...

Da Nang Real Estate: Situation and Direction of Sustainable Development

2:39:58 PM | 18/9/2018 | DA NANG

According to statistics, there are more than 50 real estate projects in Da Nang. The total number of apartments, semi-detached houses and villas is about 50,000 units...

"Big Waves" Poured into Northwestern Da Nang

4:59:22 PM | 8/3/2018 | DA NANG

Real estate in North West Da Nang is seeing new opportunities as a series of projects are being implemented in this area.

Da Nang Port - Leading Seaport of the Country and the Region

4:03:25 PM | 5/12/2017 | DA NANG

Over 116 years of development and operation, Da Nang Port has proved its position and important role in the socio-economic development of the region...