Can Tho Tapping Resources, Speeding up Development

10:10:19 AM | 28/9/2020 | CAN THO

With the fierce and consistent participation, Can Tho City has taken many solutions and activities to remove difficulties for businesses and investors, thus tapping all resources for accelerated development in 2020 and the following years. Mr. Le Quang Manh, Chairman of Can Tho City People's Committee, gave an exclusive interview to Vietnam Business Forum on this topic. Ngo Khuyen reports.

Wooing More Investors, Sustaining Development

10:08:47 AM | 28/9/2020 | CAN THO

To boost socioeconomic development and proactively integrate into the world economy, Vinh Thanh district has worked hard to improve the business environment, increase investment funding and support business development. In particular, the district determined that completing infrastructure is one of important solutions to create a driving force for sustainable development.

Garden Economy Associated with Cooperative Economy

10:05:55 AM | 28/9/2020 | CAN THO

Co Do district has recently obtained many achievements in agricultural development, promoted the role of the collective economy and garden improvement, and replaced seasonal fruit gardens by orchard models. In the coming years, Co Do district will continue to focus on implementing the "Project on developing a collective economy and a garden economy in the district for the period 2020 - 2025, with a vision to 2030", thereby boosting agricultural development and the district’s economy.

Efforts for Successful Socioeconomic Targets

10:03:19 AM | 28/9/2020 | CAN THO

In the 2015-2020 term, Cai Rang district has achieved 17 out of 18 of development targets as set in the Resolution of the 11th Party Congress. To learn about the district’s goals in the next term, Vietnam Business Forum has an exclusive interview with Mr. Le Thanh Tam, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the People's Committee of Cai Rang District. Duy Binh reports.

Harnessing Potential and Advantages for Economic Development

9:59:16 AM | 28/9/2020 | CAN THO

The Party and the government of O Mon district have focused on directing relevant bodies to utilize local potential and advantages for economic development for high-quality industry, trade, service and agriculture; and effectively mobilized investment resources for synchronous socioeconomic infrastructure, especially transport infrastructure.

Pham Nghia Bringing Bronze Featherbacks Far and Wide

9:54:36 AM | 28/9/2020 | CAN THO

During five years of developing products processed from bronze featherbacks, Pham Nghia Food Joint Stock Company (PHAM NGHIA FOOD) has always focused on building a chain of farming, processing, distribution and export to optimize the value of this specialty fish. Along with the principle of upholding the nutritional value, product quality and the health of consumers, PHAM NGHIA FOOD brand has step by step captured the trust of customers near and far.

Hoang Minh Nhat JSC Building Close Links with Cooperatives and Farmers

9:53:05 AM | 28/9/2020 | CAN THO

Hoang Minh Nhat Joint Stock Company processes and sells rice in Can Tho City and neighboring provinces. In the past years, the company has adopted the company - cooperative - farmer business model to ensure the guaranteed purchase of agricultural products from cooperatives and farmers. This model has initially produced positive results and promoted business development.

Can Tho Lottery Company: Efforts to Overcome Hardship and Share with the Society

9:51:36 AM | 28/9/2020 | CAN THO

More than 10 years after being transformed into a one-member limited company, Can Tho Lottery Co., Ltd has achieved many breakthroughs, strengthened the organizational apparatus and corporate governance, and gradually become one of the largest and most prestigious lottery companies in the country.

Vietcombank Can Tho Promoting Tradition of Labor Hero Unit

9:26:24 AM | 25/9/2020 | CAN THO

Over the past 30 years of development, Vietcombank Can Tho has always been an exemplary bank in thoroughly grasping and implementing the Party's guidelines, the State policies and laws, and contributing an important role in the national innovation and development and local socio-economic development.

CiLaf & Partners Law Firm Delivering Best Legal Solutions to Clients

9:23:41 AM | 25/9/2020 | CAN THO

With the “All for Success” mission, Cilaf & Partners is always a reliable address for businesses and investors. Cilaf & Partners helps clients to avoid legal risks and ensure legal safety when investing and doing business in Vietnam, especially in Can Tho City- the center of the Mekong Delta region.