Electronic Component Sales Keep Climbing

11:35:50 AM | 19/11/2019 | VINH PHUC

In recent years, electronic parts manufacturing has outstripped apparels and tea to become the highest-growing industry and the biggest export of Vinh Phuc province.

Vinh Phuc Power Company Ensuring Electricity Quality for Industrial Production

11:34:01 AM | 19/11/2019 | VINH PHUC

Determining that the supply of electricity for industrial production will contribute to promoting economic development, in recent years, Vinh Phuc Power Company (Vinh Phuc PC) has constantly upgraded the electricity system to meet the demand, and ensure the reliability and quality of electricity for industrial production as well as the daily life of people.

OCOP Ha Tinh Adding Wings to Traditional Products to Fly

11:30:52 AM | 19/11/2019 | HA TINH

Ha Tinh province is famous for many traditional handicraft villages with sophisticated and high-quality products such as captivating “cu do” candy made from molasses and peanuts. Ha Tinh people regard the round flat candy as the soul of their homeland.

Tenants in Khai Quang IP: Business Aligned with Social Responsibility

2:06:27 PM | 18/11/2019 | VINH PHUC

Khai Quang Industrial Park, based in Vinh Phuc province, has become attractive to investors, especially foreign investors. Many tenants in the park achieve good business outcomes and exercise their social responsibility to the locality.

Vinh Phuc Focuses on Developing Supporting Industries

10:34:39 AM | 7/11/2019 | VINH PHUC

The 15th Party Committee Resolution of Vinh Phuc province requested "focusing on industrial development and considering industry a foundation to create high economic growth, stimulate service and agricultural development". To fulfill this requirement, Vinh Phuc province considers the development of supporting industry an indispensable requirement to achieve the industrial development goal.

Binh Phuoc: Business Development Motivated by Open, Transparent Investment Environment

11:58:40 AM | 6/11/2019 | BINH PHUOC

Binh Phuoc was split from Song Be province, which also consists of current Binh Duong province. With a large land fund, a strategic geographic location, synchronous infrastructure, abundant resources, dynamic economic development, stable political security and, above all, investment policy, the province has become a reliable destination for domestic and foreign investors.

Dong Soc Industrial Cluster Welcomes US$880-Mln South Korean Factory

9:38:02 AM | 4/11/2019 | VINH PHUC

Recently, the Vinh Tuong District People’s Committee, Vinh Phuc province held a signing ceremony of an agreement in principle to sublease land-use rights and infrastructure in Dong Soc Industrial Cluster between Vinh Phuc Investment and Trading Company (VPCo) with two South Korea partners, Interflex Group and Yong Poong Group.

T&T. YCH Study Investment Projects in Vinh Phuc

9:36:36 AM | 4/11/2019 | VINH PHUC

T&T Group leaders and YCH Group of Singapore had a business trip to Vinh Phuc province to study and explore cooperation and investment in the Vinh Phuc ICD Logistics Center Project.

Vinh Phuc: “Star of Reform”

9:35:00 AM | 4/11/2019 | VINH PHUC

Vinh Phuc has been among few localities with a budget surplus since 2004 and is among the biggest budget contributors in northern Vietnam. With good advantages, potential and open investment policies, the province is assessed to have an attractive investment environment.

Vinh Phuc Provincial People's Committee Holds Regular Meeting in October

9:33:54 AM | 4/11/2019 | VINH PHUC

Vinh Phuc Provincial People’s Committee recently hosted its regular meeting in October, chaired by Chairman Nguyen Van Tri.

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