Land of White Mountain Ebony Flowers

5:23:29 PM | 1/22/2015

Defined as a transit point on tourism itineraries between Hanoi and the Northwest provinces and journeys with Laos, Son La province has a typical terrain and microclimate terrain and has various tourism types like ecotourism, sightseeing, historical tourism and cultural tourism. Along National Road 6 to branch out districts and Son La City lie many historical relics and spectacular natural landscapes, including Chi Day Cave with extremely unique stalactites in Yen Chau district, Co Noi junction monument in Mai Son district, Son La Prison, Que Lan stele in Son La City, and Son La hydropower plant - the largest hydroelectric work in Southeast Asia - with unique reservoir surface tours and cave discovery around the reservoir. This realm of white mountain ebony flowers also features distinctive hill-tribe ethnic cultures created and nurtured by 12 ethnic groups.
Moc Chau Plateau in Son La province is the largest plateau in Vietnam with endless green pastures and fruit-laden trees throughout the year. There are a lot of scenic, historic sites here like Moc Huong mountain cave, pine hills and community villages spotted over the fertile fields of fruit trees and food crops. Distinct features on this plateau stretch over the slopes of valleys where villages of minority groups live with traditional festivities like Mountain Ebony Flower Festival, Nao Song Festival and Crop Praying Festival, and Moc Chau Cow Miss Festival.
Moc Chau Plateau is also home to flowers. The spring on the plateau has left an unforgettable impression on whoever has arrived to see the beauty of cherry flowers, plum blossoms and white mountain ebony flowers on the mountainside.
Thanh Nga