“Self-happiness” Tour Product Announced

1:53:33 PM | 3/28/2015

The Union of Science for Sustainable Tourism Development (STDe) organised a meeting to announce the “self-happiness” tour product on March 14 in Hanoi on the occasion of the International Day of Happiness (March 20) and the 5th STDe founding anniversary.
The self-happiness tour is expected to bring experiences that enable people to balance their health and morale and therefore understand what happiness is and how to be happy. People need experience to understand more about the value of life, and the meaning of happiness, as well as to improve their self-confidence. The “self-happiness” tour will help people to balance health and spirit through experiences. This is the message of this tourism product.
The tour aims at business people who have suffered severe economic crisis or those who are on the brink of divorce or have suffered internal shocks like exam failure. “Self-happiness” zone is based on the analysis of the views on happiness, the needs, and process of human emotions. The destination of this tour is Ngoc Xanh Island (Green Pearl) in northern Phu Tho province. This site will create active tourism and recreational events that help participants to change their pessimism and loss of faith.
Ha Vu