Bidrico: Great Stride Forward

2:38:39 PM | 9/12/2018

At the age of 26, Bidrico - the brand of Tan Quang Minh Company - is proud to be among top beverage producers in Vietnam. Its products are distributed nationwide by more than 400 distributors and thousands of retail outlets, and are exported to markets in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. The secret to Bidrico’s success simply results from its efforts to overcome weaknesses, constantly diversify products and improve product quality to meet a wide range of consumer tastes and nutrition needs. That is also the way Bidrico expresses the highest respect and concern for consumers’ health.

With an impressive annual growth of 5 - 7 per cent, Vietnam’s beverage market is a “piece of delicious cake” to bite for thousands of domestic and foreign beverage firms like Pepsi and Coca Cola. Given fierce competition, Bidrico is proud to be a rare “Made in Vietnam” beverage brand to compete on par with giant companies. From a small manufacturing facility with 26 employees, after 26 years, Bidrico has grown in operating scale and capacity with 12 professional departments; a 15,000-square metre modern plant with 12 production lines powered by European technologies to turn out 100 million litres of beverages a year. The closed production process helps its products retain its original natural flavour, and ensure food hygiene and absolute sterilisation. Bidrico also proactively applies quality management procedures in accordance with ISO 9001-2015, HACCP, FDA, FCE and SID standards to make sure that its products meet the strictest quality requirements.

With its boldly intensive investment and ongoing creative efforts, Bidrico has increasingly perfected itself and continuously introduced a variety of delicious, nutritious and healthy products, good for human health, to the market, including Yobi yogurt, bird’s nest drink, Restore salty lemon drink, Bidrico energy drink, A Nuta green tea, Bidrico fruit juice, and winter melon tea.

In recent years, knowing that consumers tend to use naturally originated nutrient-rich drinks, Bidrico made bold investments for product research to launch best herb-flavoured beverages onto the market. Its products are familiar to Vietnamese consumers and made from tropical fruits like orange, tamarind, soup, pineapple, mango and apple.

Most recently, Bidrico introduced Restore coconut jelly, Restore Kiwi-lime energy drink, dried apricot drink, Mixberry strawberry drink and mixed fruit to consumers. The firm is making aloe vera-originated products such as bird nest-aloe vera, sugared aloe vera, honey aloe vera, passion aloe vera, and corn-flavour aloe vera. These products are carefully selected from natural materials and manufactured on modern technological lines imported from Europe and America. They are free from preservatives to contain original flavours, tastes and nutritional value. This is also a very smart way to explore the market when foods contaminated with deadly toxic substances are rampant in the market.

Taking the lead in natural, healthy and trendy beverages for Vietnamese consumers, every Bidrico product wins the absolute trust of consumers. Hence, its market share and distribution system are being expanded. To date, Bidrico products are available in all 63 provinces and cities across the country through a system of more than 400 distributors and thousands of retail outlets. In the international market, Bidrico products have convinced consumers in more than 15 countries in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. These impressive figures also vividly evidence the continuous 25-year development of Bidrico - a true Vietnamese brand, when the domestic beverage market is fiercely vied by foreign enterprises.

The 26-year development history of Bidrico illustrates its rapid progress from a small beverage maker to a counterpart to many giant domestic and foreign companies. The company has gradually won the trust of domestic and foreign consumers and brought global pride to Vietnamese products. Particularly, being the official drink supplier for the Asia - Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2017 became an important stepping stone on its path to conquer the world market. “Bidrico aims to increase its market share in Asia and we weigh up the best approaches to utilise incentives from free trade agreements and conquer new potential markets as well. With its endless efforts to scale up its operations, further satisfy customers, and take customer satisfaction as a measure of product quality, I yearn to see Bidrico products meet customer demands in Asia and help affirm the position of Vietnamese drinks in the international arena,” said General Director of Bidrico Nguyen Dang Hien.

Anh Dao