VISSAN: Ongoing Efforts to Deliver Highest Value to Customers

9:41:43 AM | 10/12/2018

With more than four decades of ongoing dedication for best processed products, VISSAN has become a favourite, creditable food brand. In addition to carefully preparing and selecting raw materials, machines and manufacturing lines, VISSAN ensures that all production processes are self-contained to strictly adhere to high quality production and environmental protection.

Guaranteeing the best quality in every product is the first criterion in the company's production line and distribution. That is the principle and guideline for VISSAN to retain customers, partners, distributors and dealers throughout the country.

Brand of trust and quality
Food processing is always considered a lucrative and attractive business thanks to the huge market demand, but it still comes with challenges because its products directly affect human health. Therefore, a foodstuff business must first of all grow product quality and gain consumer trust. That is what VISSAN - an industry leader - always pursues. It is also the commitment from the heart of the producer to the heart of consumers that VISSAN has done for years.

It is very valuable for a person to be trusted by others. For a brand, the trust of consumers is a great honour and spiritual stimulation for its development efforts. VISSAN is not only a valuable business brand but also plays a role in keeping faith for consumers and building up companionship throughout more than 40 years of operation.

Committed to best products and services
With the aim of becoming No.1 food processor in Vietnam, VISSAN is steadfast to "Doing effective business, competing with quality products and services”. To achieve this goal, VISSAN focuses on strengthening and stabilising the network; restructuring its portfolio, and utilising resources for core business development. At the same time, the company also attaches great importance to enhancing the quality of corporate governance; raising employee qualifications; and improving service quality in the spirit of ensuring fast, convenient and accurate service to become a firm fulcrum for customers. VISSAN is committed to providing best products and services for customers, meeting expectations of shareholders, and realising the goal of becoming a leading food company in Vietnam by quality and performance.

The achievements came from VISSAN’s actions to speed up business operations and expand the market. In previous years, the company’s distribution channels concentrated in a few supermarkets but its products have entered more systems such as Bach Hoa Xanh, Vinmart, Co.opfood and many convenience stores. In addition, VISSAN will bring its products to other provinces in the country through supermarkets, focus on the horeca channel (hotel, restaurant and canteen). In 2018, the firm has built upmarket store chains with more investment fund than conventional stores. All high-quality, traceable items will be sold there. The company has already opened many stores in Ho Chi Minh City and plans to build 20 upmarket stores in the next five years. As for traditional retail markets, VISSAN has piloted modern, clean and safe markets to attract customers. It has introduced new fresh products to provide more choices and convenience for consumers when they use VISSAN products (marinated products, MAP, Shrink pack). It has also diversified beef supplies to meet diverse consumer needs.

Recipe for success
Revealing the company’s business know-how and business development, Mr Nguyen Ngoc An, General Director of VISSAN, said, in my personal opinion, in the market, the success of a company is not how much money it has or how modern technology it owns, but how it is organised and what value it leads. As business doing and business development is a long and arduous process, it needs a knowledgeable, confident and aspirational leadership. Anything is convincing only when it serves common interests. Doing business and growing a business is to serve common interests of the whole business in the course of existence and development. Particularly, the business must build a system of institutions, including professionalism issues such as perfection and clarity of actions on the basis of harmony between authority and responsibility, rights and obligations, knowledge standards and skills, morale and attitude, workflow control and analysis enabling leaders to make right decisions and employees to have confidence and respect to their leaders and know how they are doing. That is what VISSAN leaders and employees have seriously carried out and applied to business, production and operation activities.

And, with these efforts, the company has built up a unified working environment and the unity of leaders and employees in the common roof of VISSAN. The employees are always cared and rewarded with deserved paychecks, bonuses and treatment policies. This is also a way the company compensates for their efforts for the growth of VISSAN throughout the course of development. “The success of VISSAN also comes from great contributions of partners and customers. We pledge to have a total unanimity, make a constant effort, show the highest responsibility, make safest products of best quality and highest value, continue its journey to conquer the vast market so as not to disappoint partners and customers and come up with expectations of VISSAN leaders and employees, Mr An stressed.

Thus, VISSAN will grasp and master market trends to achieve the highest performance, build up the popularity and position of VISSAN brand and the Vietnamese food processing sector in general on domestic and international markets.

Van Luong