Social Insurance Sector Strives to Fulfill Key Tasks

10:31:54 AM | 27/8/2019

Determined to fulfill its assigned tasks, the Vietnam Social Security (VSS) has completed nine groups of key tasks and continued to realize tasks assigned by the Government in the last five months of 2019.

Accordingly, VSS has continued to effectively carry out its tasks assigned by the Government Resolutions, including Resolution 125/NQ-CP, Resolution 01/NQ-CP, and Resolution 02/NQ-CP.

VSS has worked closely with central ministries and branches, Party committees and local authorities to boost communication and dissemination of policies and laws on social insurance and health insurance, especially new regulations, guidelines and amendments introduced by the Government and central authorities.

Executing the Prime Minister’s Decision 856/QD-TTg dated July 10, 2019 on approval of the scheme “Reforming and reorganizing the VSS apparatus towards streamlining, effective and efficient operation”, working closely with the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to develop and submit to the Government a draft decree to replace Decree 01/2016/ND-CP on VSS functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure.

Coordinating with relevant ministries and branches to complete documents stipulating, guiding and handling existing issues in carrying out social insurance and health insurance policies.

Focusing on developing social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance policyholders, especially voluntary social insurance and household health insurance subjects; urging the collection and payment of outstanding insurance debts; reviewing household health insurance data to eradicate data duplication with social insurance codes.

Completing the review and finalization of financial affairs relating to social insurance in provinces and cities in 2018; strengthening payment management of short-term social insurance and unemployment insurance allowances; renovating service and payment methods for social insurance and unemployment insurance through State-run public service organizations to ensure professionalism and convenience for people; promoting non-cash payments under the direction of the Government.

Speeding up specialized inspection at units and enterprises that still owe social insurance and health insurance premiums; strengthening control of medical examination and treatment costs at medical facilities which are alarmed by the Assessment Information System; promptly handling and recommending actions to violations of social insurance and health insurance laws to competent agencies.

Further improving the national insurance database under the Prime Minister's Decision 714/QD-TTg dated May 22, 2015; further perfecting infrastructure and centralized data systems; speeding up the completion of professional insurance software; expanding the delivery of online public services of Level 3 and Level 4; promoting electronic transactions; managing and using electronic documents in the Social Insurance System and on the inter-agency axis of the Government.

Directing VSS’s subordinate units and provincial social insurance agencies to enhance administrative discipline, public morality, code of conduct of its employees and social insurance workers.

Notably, of the total of 72 tasks assigned by the Government and the Prime Minister, the Vietnam Social Security (VSS) has to date completed 40 tasks and is carrying out other 32 tasks. As of the end of July 2019, the country had 14.55 million compulsory social insurance policyholders, 424,000 voluntary social insurance policyholders, 12.78 million unemployment insurance policyholders and 84.85 million health insurance policyholders, or 89.5% of the population. Total premiums reached VND200,288 billion (US$9 billion), realizing 55% of the full-year plan.

In addition, the sector has promptly settled 65,471 claims for pensions and monthly social insurance allowances, 498,878 claims for lump-sum allowances and 5,915,543 claims for sickness, maternity, health care and health recovery. Moreover, the sector has also achieved important results in social and health insurance policies, administrative reform and information technology application.

The Vietnam Social Security has actively joined with relevant ministries and agencies to complete many important draft documents and regulations on enforcement of social and health insurance policies and laws such as the draft Labor Code (amended), the draft Law on Medical Examination and Treatment (amended); the draft Decree on amendments and supplements to Decree No. 28/2015/ND-CP on some articles of the Law on Employment; the draft Circular on medical service prices and medical expense payment for insured patients by the Ministry of Health.

In spite of existing shortcomings and difficulties in developing and expanding the scope of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance policyholders; dealing with overdue social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance premiums; tackling abuse and profiteering of health insurance funds for medical examination and treatment; coordinating with central authorities and agencies in implementing social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance policies; and investing in ensuring the growth of social insurance and health insurance funds effectively and safely, VSS leaders are still determined to successfully complete its reforms with a lot of important tasks to be achieved for a sustainable social security.