Carelessness May Scratch the Pearl

9:55:33 AM | 12/28/2020

Recently, a Thai business recently spent a whopping US$90 million to have possession of solar power projects in Tan Chau - Tay Ninh and Phong Dien II, Thua Thien Hue. The move is part of an expansion in Southeast Asia in the renewable energy sector, which is seen as a low-risk but high-growth business.

This is one of many quietly foreign-led M&A deals of renewable energy projects of Vietnamese companies in the past few years.

What does this fact mean?

There are many viewpoints and justifications but most believe that, due to the weak and lacking capacity (finance and administration) of Vietnamese companies to operate such long-term projects. Or more positively, this trend can be explained as a very normal action in the increasingly integrating playing field with an opening economy of Vietnam. Maybe, changing the owner may reactivate moribund projects and add both economic performance and reputation to our investment attraction policy.

Squarely speaking, all renewable energy projects acquired by foreign investors are not barred by authorities - Either they are too superb and fully aware of Vietnamese laws or we are inexperienced?

Running against M&A sharks, there are stunningly beautiful images of some magnificently modern solar power plants, in contrary to unfinished projects invested by some companies. The multifaceted color makes many people excited but skeptical when talking about solar power. Or they are even concerned about how waste panels will be disposed of at the end of their 25-30 year lifespan.

Recurrently appearing on media channels and even at the debating hall of National Assembly, many expressed their concerns about the future solar panels which compared to one-day dried beef, a specialty of the Central Highlands. It is not difficult to see why they understand incorrectly and inadequately about renewable energy when a series of distorted and unverified information and images about solar panels has appeared everywhere, accidentally spoiling efforts of true solar energy investors.

Sao Mai Solar steppe developed with ecotourism

Temporarily leaving behind conflicting public opinions, now is the time for everyone to calm down in the “new normal” status to have the most objective knowledge of the true value of solar energy to human life.

No matter we like or not, we have to admit that the advent of renewable energy is a technological breakthrough, a pioneering step of a few domestic companies in search of the sunlight treasure. Electricity from this resource will be the best solution to end dependence on fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and ensure national energy security. This will be also a helpful alternative to hydropower generation whose reservoirs are built by chopping down forests and to thermopower which is fired by coal. Meanwhile, sunlight is free, environmentally friendly and protective to human life.

Drawing the right portrait of the investor

In fact, many solar energy projects fail because their investors are not serious enough. They have to accept to sell their assets every early.

In contrary to them is a true investor of renewable energy which is already very successful in many industries like seafood export, real estate, manpower export, aquatic feed production. That company has also led An Giang tourism to move forward. It is investing to build the most modern and most beautiful solar park in Vietnam with its own money. The city of light on a majestic upland of Cam Nui, clearly depicts the portrait of a green power electric investor embracing the desire to turn renewable energy into money printing machines.

“No investor throws his money into nothingness but he must carefully and responsibly think about how to use his money well. Marvelously, if his investment brings good things to his people and his homeland.” Therefore, it is impossible to equate the portrait of a true investor with that of an opportunist investor,” a representative of a very reputable solar power group said.

The common wormwood in Bay Nui

In Vietnam, solar power is developed behind developed countries for decades. The true investor successfully built a common wormwood factory on imposing That Son Mountain, combined with discovery and excursion travelling. It gave the best definition of the usefulness of clean energy, not only one way of utility.

If the sunlight is compared to a godsend “pearl”, the true investor is an extremely important factor to cut the raw pearl into a masterwork.

It is said that solar power is still defective, like a rough pearl that is not refined and cut. Without a complete look, a careless act may scratch the pearl that must be treasured and meticulously cared.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum