Entrepreneur Le Thi Bich Spreading Good Values to Community

9:11:35 AM | 9/1/2021

Devotion, dynamism, creativity, spirit of a Ho Chi Minh-era entrepreneur, and spreading good values to the community are the prominent qualities of Ms. Le Thi Bich, Director of Viet Thang Development Investment Co., Ltd.

A senior official in Tam Diep City, Ninh Binh province judged that Bich is a “daring, resourceful and responsible” businesswoman.

In response to Party-led renovation policy and State-oriented market economy opening, she retired from a high position in a State agency to establish a private business called Viet Thang Development Investment Co., Ltd in the 2000s.

Since then, she has always kept her dynamism and creativity and inspired her persistence and willingness to accept and confront challenges to businesses, entrepreneurs and workers. Her company is successful in quarrying, commercial concrete manufacturing, cement product manufacturing and lime production for export. And most importantly, she has spread good values to the community through her social development and educational activities.

In business, Viet Thang always invests in modern equipment, adopts professional production management conducted by highly qualified technicians to create best products for a wide range of customers. The company always guarantees delivery schedule and reasonable price. Especially, as for education, the company invested in building a spacious, clean and fully equipped Viet Thang Kindergarten with age-based experience models. At this school, teachers are always gentle and kind while kids are taught to be polite and obedient. Therefore, parents are very confident to send their children to this modern lovely learning environment. Moreover, when kids from Viet Thang Kindergarten enter primary schools in Tam Diep City, they are hailed for well-taught behaviors - superiorities of Viet Thang Kindergarten.

With her well-established business operations, Le Thi Bich hoped that the locality will help Viet Thang Investment and Development Co., Ltd to access land to build a world-class retreat for the elderly in Tam Diep - Ninh Binh. This center will be adequately furnished with modern equipment and environmental landscape to serve elderly people with meritorious services to the nation, retirees and poor elderly. This is a kind aspiration and a very practical model that needs to be supported by all levels and branches of Ninh Binh province. This move will thus encourage the entrepreneur force to make more effort for the increasing prosperity of the province.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum