ABB’s Smart Solutions Safeguard Power to one of Vietnam’s Largest Data Centers

2:33:13 PM | 9/28/2021

ABB technologies will safeguard critical power and ensure uptime for CMC Creative Space, a leader in providing cloud computing infrastructure, announced ABB on September 28.

Meeting the ever increasing demand for applications and data services in Vietnam, critical power and digitalization solutions will ensure 24/7 uptime and keep consumers connected.

CMC Technology Group’s Creative Space

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, the financial center of Vietnam, CMC Technology Group’s Creative Space is one of the largest data center facilities in Vietnam combining a Tier 3 international standard data center with two office towers. When it comes into operation in late 2021, CMC Creative Space is expected to deploy new technology applications, provide large-scale ITC services, bring added value to customers and contribute to society in the era of Industry 4.0.  

ABB has been selected as a technology partner to support CMC Creative Space data center with the critical power it needs to deliver reliable, efficient services to satisfy demand for data and digitalization services.

The Vietnam data center market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 14.64 percent until 2026 and was rated as one of 10 emerging markets in global data center according to the 2021-2025 Cloud and Data Center Growth in Emerging Markets report. The country’s young and dynamic workforce, the boom in e-commerce and digital banking, the shift of enterprise data to cloud platforms plus the need for better processing speed to assist Vietnamese users are the main drivers, creating huge potential for data centers across the country.

ABB’s innovative solutions will maximize uptime while maintaining energy efficiency and power reliability. This includes a main switchboard system using a full type-tested solution called System pro E Power that fulfils all electrical installation requirements in terms of flexible communication protocols, advanced protection functions and provides the highest electrical and mechanical characteristics. The system seamlessly interacts with ABB’s low voltage equipment to meet the reliability and efficiency the customer needs and expects.

ABB has been selected as a technology partner to support CMC Creative Space data center

“ABB is helping data center customers around the world with smart solutions that ensure critical power is delivered 24/7. Our data center technology meets global standards in sustainability while helping our customers handle bigger workloads, faster, better and more efficiently through smart electrification. We are delighted to support CMC Creative Space to deliver truly mission critical services to keep industry and society connected,” said Hien DoanVan, Country Vice President, ABB Vietnam.

ABB supplied low voltage switchgears using high-end circuit breakers and trip units Ekip Touch and Ekip Hi-touch, which will meet the highest grid requirements and guarantee high quality and simplified connection to the switchgear. ABB’s Ekip Touch and Ekip Hi-Touch provide a complete series of protections and high accuracy measurements of all electrical parameters and will help CMC Creative Space to achieve maximum efficiency of its electrical installation.

“CMC addresses the growing data and digital needs of Vietnam’s economic growth, which has fast become a strategic geographic location for large technology companies expanding their operations or relocating to Vietnam. CMC Creative Space has a strong track-record of continued investment in research and development and servicing large, well-known corporations. ABB’s smart technology solutions safeguard power for CMC Creative Space to ensure the highest power quality needed to deliver our sophisticated data center needs. The project will be completed ahead of schedule, bringing our ecosystem as well as added values ​​to customers and partners,” said Mr Nguyen Thanh Luu, Head of Marketing and Communications of CMC Corporation.

Nam Pham (Vietnam Business Forum)