Spring Is Everywhere in Tra Su Melaleuca Forest

9:41:38 AM | 1/13/2022

Leaving behind the chaos of the old year, this year's Tet season is also an opportunity to immediately give yourself and your loved ones a "tourist gift" to bond with love and reunite happily. Tra Su Melaleuca forest will be an ideal destination for tourist to "kill two birds with one stone".

“New year comes with an expectation of happiness and peace; Spring day arrives with a desire of glory and prosperity".

  The confidence to bring tourism back to its glory

Ms. Huynh Thi Nhu Lam - Head of Tourism Management Department, under Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of An Giang province said: "During the recent New Year holiday, Tra Su Melaleuca forest attracted more than 2,000 arrivals of visitors, which have shown a bright spot in the picture of the province's tourism industry".

Tra Su Melaleuca forest is ready to respond to emerging tourism trends such as "forest bathing" artistically or immersing in the pristine nature and conquering the picturesque landscape. On the principle of ensuring safety and health, Tra Su will bring absolute peace of mind with the "no-touch" travel standard for visitors throughout the journey. Visitors can book tours in advance, make online payments conveniently so that they don't have to wait in line to buy tickets and ensure 5K principles.

Especially, from now until the Lunar New Year, Tra Su Melaleuca forest is applying tourism stimulus programs such as: "up to 50% off ticket price", "buy 10 get 2 off", "buy 10 get 3 off - for travelers", "10% discount on culinary services at Tra Su restaurant", "free cold water"..., which open opportunities for everyone to enjoy spring landscape in Tra Su without worries about money. This is a policy full of humanity, understanding and sharing with visitors in the context that everyone is hesitant about financial spending.

Young shoots, warm buds of Spring love

In the days when heaven and earth are in harmony, it is also the time when Tra Su starts a new life with young shoots and green buds that have been cherished and nurtured for a long time in the old forest. After a few seasons, the energy becomes abundant, the green sprouts are rising, hundreds of flowers are blooming…. Everyone is surprised to see all of these. The great love of the land and local people have urged visitors to hurry up to catch the prosperous weather on spring day.

The melody of spring in Tra Su

The hasty transformation of each sunbeam in the morning, the shimmering beauty of the immense primeval forest in the early morning are discovered by tourists traveling by boats, then they gently go through carpet of duckweed to enter Melaleuca kingdom.

 Looming on the banks are the shadow reflection of ancient trees in silent water. Not a beautiful ornamental species, Melaleuca here converges all three harmony elements including "ancientness, uniqueness and beauty". Ancientness: refers to perennial plants having traces of time imprinted on their barks; Uniqueness: refers to the rough barks with diverse and unique shapes. Finally, "beauty" refers to the overall beauty from the roots to the tips of young leaves and branches. When the sun shines on the leaves, it gives off a sparkling light like silver.

The shimmering melaleuca shadow reflected in the bottom of the water

The older the melaleuca is, the more luxuriant the flowers are, and each cluster of pure white flowers not only represents the fullness and happiness but also emits gentle and seductive smell. This is the "style" that Tra Su uses to attract bees and butterflies to gather in order to produce genuine Melaleuca honey with highest quality.

The visitors can release their souls with the scenery of Tra Su, enjoy a cup of purifying and cooling honey lemon tea for a comfortable mood. This valuable source of nutrients contains a large amount of natural antibiotics as a medicine to help prevent viruses and bacteria…

The basket of spring gifts when coming to Tra Su

When going deeper into the forest, the sound of wild birds chirping in all directions make human souls get lost in the world of nature's love. When sunset comes, it dyes the whole forest pink, in the West sky, flocks of birds quickly fly back to their nests. There is nothing better than gazing at the colorful, lively nature and being absorbed in the endless beauty of the forest.

The spring photo set full of Tra Su's character

 The space and time of the "spring love song" moment hastily awakens all of our emotions and senses. Tra Su Melaleuca forest has opened its doors to welcome new year fortunes, inviting visitors to experience spring after the epidemic. Visitors can pick "Tra Su bud" and bring home with an expectation of “a fortune New year and a lucky spring”.

By Phuong Anh, Vietnam Business Forum