Tra Su Cajuput Forest – A Wonderful New Year Holiday Destination

8:59:20 AM | 2/8/2022

Whenever the New Year comes, a new trend appears. This year, instead of giving each other red envelopes of lucky money, why don't we try to welcome the New Year on a “blessed spring trip”? New Year traveling is extremely important as it is long believed that the first destination of the year will affect a person's life in the whole year.

Many families choose Tra Su for their holiday because it is said to have “good prosperity”, fresh and cool climate, interconnected things and chirping birds in a flowery landscape. This is believed to sow a new year of joy, success and happiness.

Many tourists choose Tra Su for their New Year holiday

New Year - Get blessed in Tra Su

The spring atmosphere - full of vitality, ready to spread endless inspiration for people to enjoy their true feelings and live with pristine nature - is one of many reasons why tourists choose Tra Su as a place to embrace fortunes. For young generations, such a trip will enrich their experience and it will be more meaningful to go with their families and their loved ones. As for adults, New Year traveling is an opportunity for reunion. This year, red envelopes of lucky money will be replaced by trips that will conjure memories that will last forever.

Hong Hoa, a woman from Ho Chi Minh City, was offered a “travel” as a New Year gift by her children. “Tet tour is a chance to reunite the whole family. Passing a year of rare encounters, no one willingly turns down the reunion offer. It's so much fun to travel in the spring with the whole family,” she said.

Visitors are welcomed with a lion-dance performance - an act believed to bring prosperity, success and happiness to them. All are pleased by well-trained performers in a bustling and vibrant atmosphere.

Charming girl in traditional ao dai costume in the springtime

Tet in Tra Su still retains the unique soul of the nation that opens a distinctive and very elegant space decorated in the traditional Tet style featured by apricot flowers, peach branches, red couplets, fireworks and green chung cakes for visitors to enjoy a stylish life. Whenever the spring comes, people who live far away from their homeland tend to think of returning to their homeland for reunion, which gradually becomes a traditional beauty of Vietnamese people. Therefore, during these Tet days, Tra Su is like putting on the most beautiful and sparkling "new cloak" in four seasons of a year as a reminder, honor and introduction of the traditional Tet images to domestic and international tourists.

The ingenious combination of the delicate and majestic beauty of nature gently brings visitors into the clear green world, awakens passionate emotions that are hard to describe in the hearts of visitors. This poetic, peaceful scene seems to stop the time to fully enjoy the moment of peace and freedom like never before.

 Wonderful emotions are encapsulated in the Tra Su scenery where nature is like wordless music that gives us endless inspiration and understanding of the natural world.

New Year buffet banquet

In addition to possessing a beautiful landscape like a perfect picture, a sublime masterpiece of nature, Tra Su now also carries the mission of preserving national identity with sweet and delicious popular fruit cakes - traditional cuisines of southern people.

Tra Su Tourist Area welcomes the Lunar New Year of the Tiger with a buffet banquet where you can enjoy more than 30 delicious fruit cakes featuring the quintessence of southern flavors. You will never forget this experience with the southwestern region.

Besides an amazing 50% discount on entry tickets, you will be offered free buffets from the first to the fourth days of the Lunar New Year, featured by pepper bun, sponge cake, banana cake, pandan coconut cake, heart sandwich and a variety of delicious cakes made from sticky rice. You should not forget to try palmyra palm steamed rice cake, a very attractive yellow food wrapped in green banana leaves, sprinkled with a little grated coconut.

Folk cakes are made by skillful and delicate artisans to give the uniquely sweet and fatty taste of coconut mixed with irresistible aroma from pure natural ingredients such as pandan leaves, camellia leaves and fragrant sticky rice that you can eat to a full stomach. Then, you will truly understand the local words about this dish: “You will never forget the mild taste of the countryside in coconut milk cake.”

Free to enjoy delicious folk cakes

Tra Su is a place to keep original melodies of the soul, a place to sense peace and wellbeing. A New Year trip to Tra Su to enjoy the masterpiece beauty of nature and live in the clear sound of birds and other animals will help you “recharge” full positive energy for a year of:

Uncountable fortunes, assets and wealth

Blessed with luck, endowed with advantage and loved by people

By Vietnam Business Forum