Spring on Cloudy Peak in the Southwest

5:33:14 PM | 2/8/2022

That Son is featured by seven peaks called “Buu Son” in a vast flat alluvial plain of the Mekong River in An Giang province. Although That Son legends are somewhat in undefined reality and virtuality, this land still occupies an important position in the minds of southerners. Spring has come on Phu Van Peak ahead of Tet or Lunar New Year to bring greater prosperity and wellbeing for the mountainous area. The focus is An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area, an extremely popular phenomenon that attracts visitors and portrays a new look for the spiritual imperial picture to be more splendid.

Tourist paradise catches the heart of tourists near and far

“Sunshine Paradise” tour

When the sky is blue, the clouds are white, and the rays of golden sunlight are shining gently, solar cells are directed to the sun to absorb the light. An Hao Solar Farm is likened to a beautiful sparkling pearl in the upland town. In the distance, green mountains and forests paint the scene of a fairyland unlike the real world that portrays an extraordinary and stunning color-changing aura. The best time to admire this magnificent beauty is at dawn or at dusk (from 7:30 to 11:00 in the morning, from 16:00 pm to 20:00 in the afternoon).

The sunset reddens the scene of the mountain town

The moment of sunset on "Sao Mai Water Tower" is so sweet and romantic. The rays of falling golden sunlight in the hustling and bustling afternoon, mixed with a little burgundy light in a corner of the sky, make an endless source of inspiration that awakens emotions to compose poems and songs.

Slowly watching the lighting of the "solar power hub", light and dark are well blended in an extremely beautiful harmony astonished by anyone who comes here and easily forgets the way back home. This is also the reason why it has stirred up the tourism market in recent times.

Students are watching the green steppe from the tower

The space of the "nomadic love song" is reproduced, the immense steppe is covered with a green grassland where sheep are wandering, moving gently and smoothly like flowing water if you are viewing from a high place. The sheep are very friendly and easygoing. They are passionate about playing, behaving gently, especially with young visitors. They are cared for and nurtured with fresh grass here, so they are very pretty and chubby. The calm and quiet scene, compared to a miniature steppe in Europe, is an ideal check-in place where visitors can take beautiful and genuine photos for sharing and keeping for memory.

Visitors are free to play with friendly sheep

The flower garden is colorful. Very valuable ancient apricots with yellow flowers and burgeoning young buds are signaling the advent of spring. The scene unfolds our hearts with distinctively traditional Tet lanterns, red couplets and miniatures decorated with bamboo leaves and straws hung here and there.

Novel tours and experiences in the "sunshine paradise" give you a chance to immerse yourself in nature while discovering the massive solar farm that makes everyone admire and forget the way back home. This is also the reason why this place is appealing to both backpackers and group guests.

Magical Buddha rock hand

Going along cliffs, you can explore exotic flowers of the southern land, giant tree roots crammed out of the rock to reach sources of intense vitality, rough trunks and forest sounds. Inhaling the pure fragrance of mountains and forests in the morning and taking steady footsteps, you will feel serenity and peace. Fog thickly covers from the peak where "spring clouds" paint the sky white. Looming in the distance, winding green solar panels stretch to the horizon, woven into silk bands swinging in the middle of mountain clouds.

Perhaps, you are aware of walking on the most sacred land with the simplest mind, adoring the Buddha and passionately enjoying the beauty of heaven and earth. You will be led along winding paths to the Buddha rock hand, unique in the southwest. Legend has it that this place used to be popularly practiced by many monks.

These mysterious stories are thought to be only found in legends and books. However, when this wild land in the Cam Mountain was cleared for a big project, the project investor discovered a giant, majestic Buddhist rock hand with five fingers like a lotus, a popular symbol of Buddhism. Rock blocks of different sizes stacked on each other form knuckle shapes.

This "mudra", according to Buddhism, is a symbol of meditation, a token of wisdom and an enlightened mind. The five fingers represent the perfection of an enlightened person who has "generosity, morality, patience, effort and concentration". This thrilling story is hard for anyone to decipher. This magical legend increasingly attracts the curiosity of tourists from all over the world.

Buddhist rock hand - the spiritual masterpiece of nature

A group of students from Can Tho University who went on a tour excitedly watched and mused to share: “Your destiny is in your hands. All good things are decided on your own only." One of the messages that spread positive energy, motivations and efforts to strive for a better life, not surrender to fate, as experienced by visitors themselves.

The scene here is like a giant watercolor painting created by nature - a generous artist whose simple face is adorned by a great project that adds brilliant colors to this painting. It is great to welcome the New Year with a spring trip to An Hao Solar Farm and Tourist Site to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and celebrate family reunions.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum