Extremely Attractive “Emerging” Tourist Destination in An Giang Province

9:19:51 AM | 2/11/2022

During the Lunar New Year 2022 - the Year of the Tiger, An Giang province is one of the most crowded tourist destinations in the south, welcoming over 316,000 visitors, 58% more than the same period of last year. Particularly, An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area brightened on the tourism map of An Giang, with a sudden growth in arrivals, counted in tens of thousands of visitors every day. Vehicles crowdedly queued along roads to the tourist site. This was a desirable sign of prosperity for An Giang tourism in the new year.

An ideal tourist destination that brings a new breeze to traveling enthusiasts

Security for tourists

Safety and friendliness are top goals for the hospitability industry but fraudsters usually exploit loopholes in crowded places to steal, disrupt security and order, and even spoil tourism images, especially to international visitors. Recently at An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area, criminal police arrested a gang of 10 criminals who violently committed pickpocketing and jewelry robbing. After getting returns, visitors were very happy and excited because its management board closely cooperated with police to comfort and secure travelers on their spring tours.

Not welcoming the Tet with their families, police are ready to take and complete all tasks of protecting peace for the people. This is both a responsibility and a call from the heart of love for comrades and compatriots. Traffic police and criminal police cooperate with the security board of An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area to actively regulate traffic and increase patrols to dismantle criminal gangs to ensure security at tourist attractions, promptly handle bad situations and protect tourists in overcrowded attractions. Their dedication and thoughtfulness at work for a safe and healthy tourism environment have left a good impression and affection in the hearts of tourists from all over the world when they visit An Giang.

Free trams shuttle visitors around An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area

Exploring magnificent An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area

An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area, located at the foot of Nui Cam Mountain in An Hao commune, Tinh Bien district, is a harmonious combination of a vast energy savannah and a poetic ecotourism site that brings new feelings and experiences to tourists. Endowed with a charming natural landscape by craggy cliffs, visitors will observe magnificent, shimmering and dreamlike ancient carvings of nature on rock formations that shape unique arts. Coming to the panel field, they are free to witness the endless enchanting green that touches millions of hearts of travel enthusiasts.

The unique sheep hill in An Giang

Early in the new year, the heaven and earth of the mountain town are like being put a new cloak with green leaves, colorful flowers and an amazing atmosphere with clouds embracing the mountain and winds blowing on the peak to form a very romantic scene. Thien Canh Lake is featured with a gentle beauty, clear water whose color miraculously changes in the day - blue in the morning, yellow at noon, purple in the afternoon”. Setting foot on a floating stone pillar or a wooden bridge, visitors will enjoy watching colorful fish swimming below and wagging their tails to fly up the water like a magic show to interact with visitors. Sometimes, falling clouds mirror on a gently waving lake surface and billowing clouds open up a world of freedom and buoyancy like a fairyland. Just fleeting moments are so beautiful, enough to comfort dreamy souls that like to live fully with the natural scenery.

Early in the morning, a cool fresh and poetic air at dawn - the time for everything to start a new day - and magnificent natural scenery enchant every visitor. Or they can stand on Sao Mai Water Tower to admire the endless landscape of the first-class solar paradise in the southwest. Or they can enjoy the sound echoing from the mountainside, the temple bell humming from time to time and the cool breeze touching their skin. Soft afternoon sunbeams and fading sunset are like sowing a "fluttery note" into our hearts, creating a fresh and very different feeling, perhaps a dreamlike feeling found in a fairyland in legendary Nui Cam Mountain.

Thus far, spiritual beliefs have permeated the subconscious of southern people who always believe in the power of supernature and in strange phenomena believed to bring good omens to mankind. And then, the true existence of mythical miracles appears in our life. The Buddhist Hand is very sacred because of well-placed rock formations that shape a true Buddha's hand. Not only local residents but visitors far and wide come here with a sincere respect to pray for all the best, peace and happiness for their families.

Meeting in An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area to take gorgeous photos

Blessed with a beautiful space and impressive landscape, recently emerged An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area is admired and praised by tourists as a splendid picture adorning a new look for tranquil That Son Mountain. To promote its natural potential, the investor of the solar farm will continue to build more unique and attractive artworks and items to seduce domestic and international tourists.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum