An Giang in a Safe Spring Traveling Season

9:53:41 AM | 2/14/2022

During New Year peak days, from the first to the third days of the lunar year, many tourist attractions in An Giang province welcomed a very large number of arrivals, including An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area, Tra Su Melaleuca Forest Ecotourism Area, Tuc Dup Hill Tourist Area, Nui Cam Mountain Resort and other attractions.

In general, all tourist destinations met epidemic prevention criteria, gave experiences imbued with cultural identity and satisfied many tourist market segments during the Lunar New Year.

After Tet, tourists are flocking to An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area

After the seventh day of the lunar year, a lot of people from big cities and provinces like Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, and Hanoi kept increasing dramatically. Currently, roads in An Giang are always crowded with cars and tourist attractions are packed with visitors every weekend. This is the desirable start of An Giang tourism in the new year of 2022.

Mr. Dao Si Tuan, Deputy Director of An Giang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said that tourism businesses in An Giang invested in spectacular innovations for this Tet holiday, well prepared for hygiene and environmental services, made innovative designs combined with culinary services. As a result, visitors increased by 58% over the same period last year.

Enjoying fresh air on Thien Canh Lake, An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area

From the first to the seven days of the lunar year, An Giang welcomed nearly 1 million visitors and pilgrims. Perhaps, after a long time being imposed physical distancing and lockdowns, the tourism industry of An Giang province and the whole country as well is regaining what was lost with amazing development.

Tourism investors, businesses and workers are very happy with a monumental startup in the new year, strongly cared for, supported and encouraged by the all-tier government, people and social community.

Emerging An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area is unexpectedly attractive to visitors with many new services

In An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area, Ms. Dang Nguyen Tuong Vy from Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province said, “An Giang has many tourism advantages and visitors are free to choose destinations suitable for them. They can go to the mountains or pagodas if they love to. Each place has its own beautiful look and I choose An Hao Solar Park for my holiday.”

To make sure that people enjoy and welcome a safe Tet, authorities maintained social order and traffic safety. An Giang Police deployed very thoughtful protection plans and suppressed criminals before, during and after Tet.

An Giang Police caught a gang of nearly 10 pickpockets and stealers in crowded tourist spots. They are from other localities, very aggressive and ready to fight against their victims to get escaped

“Do not move carelessly or disorderly in a crowded place, do not jostle because pickpockets and stealers will use this chance to steal things from us. We should not show or bring our valuable jewelry in such places,” tourists advised each other.

Nui Sam Temple Festival lasts from the first month to the fourth month of the lunar year, attracting millions of visitors and pilgrims each year. With the pandemic well controlled and most people fully vaccinated, tourist attractions will be busy serving them.

Feeling at ease in An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area

Anticipating this context, the police force has managed to keep security and order in key tourist areas. Therefore, visitors feel at ease and secure when they go sightseeing in scenic beauty spots in An Giang.

Needless to say, tourism is returning more strongly in the so-call new normal and is better organized to lay a solid groundwork for gradual reopening to international tourists in a short term.

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