“Golden Tourism Triangle” in An Giang

9:50:41 AM | 2/15/2022

Endowed with mysterious That Son Mountain Range, famous historical and cultural legacies and impressive check-in places, An Giang is an extremely attractive “coordinate” for tourists. This allure gradually “peaks” when tourists flock to the "golden tourism triangle" on the An Giang tourism map where tourists have the opportunity to experience a variety of tourism types while admiring magnificent natural masterpieces of the sunny and windy frontier land.

Tra Su Cajuput Forest - Wonderful green paradise

Tra Su Cajuput Forest (RTTS) is a miniature picture of the southwest water world that carries all vibrant colors of charming nature. Moreover, RTTS contains rich atmospheric and hydrospheric resources, conserves a unique biodiversity population, which is known to be a gold mine for ecotourism. You can immerse yourself in the wonderful green paradise, gently row the boat across the duckweed carpet, listen to singing birds and sense the cool wind to calm and relax your soul. Where the original beauty is cherished and treasured, the pure breath of the old forest nurtures fresh and immeasurable emotions for those who take a stop for leisure.

The conservation realm of tropical biodiversity in the southwest region

The investor frequently launches sustainable tourism products responsible and friendly to nature to ensure a balance between economic development and natural landscape conservation. Taking advantage of simple, rustic and eco-friendly materials typical of Vietnam and harmoniously designing the landscape, Tra Su Tourist Area adroitly invigorates itself to welcome more than 30,000 visitors during the Tet holiday.

Creativity and innovation make fancy check-in places in Tra Su like magnets to visitors from near and far. Visitors will have the chance to experience the longest bamboo bridge spanning across the forest in Vietnam, watch the pigeon territory by the quayside, Kieu Tra Su Bridge and Thuy Moc Bungalow, or enjoy truly countryside specialties such as fish sauce hot pot, henicorhynchus fish, riverhemp flowers, roasted rats and fried chicken, distinctive specialties of the southwest region.

Tuc Dup Hill

Tuc Dup Hill used to be a wartime base where it was green all over the year. This place converges fanciful scenes, mysterious legends and heroic epics depicted by glorious victories in the past.

Choosing history as a core value, the investor devised unique creative ideas to restore historic legacies and keep them intact. Typically, the "Sacred Temple" worships patriotic heroes and martyrs who lost their lives to defend our territory. This place spreads noble humane ideals that our ancestors hand down to future generations. This is a favorite destination for students to learn about our history and explore the natural world.

The Sacred Temple – Where young generations pay tribute the forefather

Tuc Dup is like a solid fortress, as strong as a giant phoenix spreading its wings to embrace the vast and immense fields in district. The hill has a unique shape like a "tray of stone eggs" where there are interwoven caves at its heart. When they explore the historical source that flows through the flow of time, they will feel serenity and peace deep in their soul. They will feel like stepping into a space unrelated to our wordly life for a long time and they will just want to stay longer to nurture their emotions.

An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area

The final destination on the itinerary in the An Giang "golden tourism triangle" is An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area. Despite being well-known not long ago, tourists are flocking to see hard-working solar flowers heading to the bright sun to absorb the golden "sunlight" to produce lasting energy for life.

Innovative tourist rendezvous captivates tourists’ hearts

Mountains and forests are typically quiet and tinged with solitude, the presence of An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area is extolled to be a bright magical, charming pearl that adorns the mountain town with more splendor and sounds. You will enjoy the unique form of sunny tourism in the southwest where trams pick you up to tour around the solar farm and admire the beauty and splendor of the capital of light.

The solar park is featured with a lush green steppe where a herd of sheep are walking leisurely and resting under the canopy of cool leaves after going around and around. The smooth-haired sheep are special characters that captivate children. The centerpiece of the colorful flower garden is "Thien Canh Lake" where fish are swimming in the water lightly, skillfully wagging their tails in a performing art show to greet visitors. The fountain not only cools the air but also plays a soothing music of flowing water which sometimes sounds melodiously and sometimes murmurs extremely vibrantly.

Young boys and girls are taking check-in photos in a sunny scene

Recently, the investor discovered "Buddha Rock Hand", Mountain God Temple, Linh Thuu Peak and many magnificent caves thought to be only appeared in legends or untold stories. Beliefs and spirituality in Son Cam Mountain are very mysterious, believed to endow the mankind with a peaceful and prosperous life. Thus, many people come here to pray for good things.

In the coming time, the tourism industry will strengthen and expand cooperation with key tourism provinces and localities to diversify products, build and promote An Giang tourism images in various forms. The spring tourism season opens with an unexpected increase in tourist arrivals to these attractions and therefore create a driving force for the hospitability industry to fly high in 2022.

By Vietnam Business Forum