Tra Su “Grand Buffet” to Jubilantly Celebrate April Holiday

11:46:09 AM | 4/29/2022

Besides being a frontier trade gateway of the nation, possessing a charming landscape that captivates travelers and residents is an advantage for An Giang to unlock potential and develop tourism in a bid to become an ideal tourist destination in the Southwest.

2022 marks the 190th founding anniversary of An Giang province, arousing the pride for cooperation and coordination for sustainable growth values. The hospitality industry is expected to be a key economic sector that generates impressive revenue, aiming to fulfill the target of making up 13% of the province’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2030.

50% special discount on admission tickets for the education industry

Pride of An Giang tourism brand

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) highly appreciates the impressive recovery since the beginning of 2022 and predicts an explosive wave of tourists during the 4-day April 30 and May Day holiday. The An Giang tourism industry defines this as a golden opportunity to boost its inherent advantages and potential. In general, all stakeholders are ready to welcome visitors.

An Giang Tourimex brand had facilities upgraded to give comfort, and improve the service quality of Dong Xuyen, Long Xuyen and Cuu Long restaurant and hotel chains to prepare for large tourist arrivals.

Promoting its inherent financial strength, training dedicated professional personnel and launching products tailored for tourist tastes from time to time are the first choices because the concept of “competitiveness” is now not a price but high-class service quality and a variety of new tourism products.

In addition, the company has accelerated information technology application and tourism digital transformation, especially promoting tourism products and services via social networking sites; optimally advertising in traditional markets. Visitors booking tours in advance via email, Zalo, Facebook and other channels are all offered a 30% discount voucher at the "Art Coffee" counter, a 10% discount for food at Tra Su Restaurant, and 15% off for specialties in Tra Su Melaleuca Forest during this 4-day holiday.

Dreamy green space

Tra Su is extremely beautiful with a typically idyllic nature of the southwestern countryside - a hugely potential advantage for eco-tourism and picnicking development. Local people are gentle and lovable; landscapes are so romantically charming, and colorful that everyone will be enchanted and amazed by the masterpiece of the forest.

The flawless beauty is like a shimmering pearl on all sides, floating in the vast sea of water. Going deep into the core area, running endlessly, the lotus field is blooming brilliantly and spreading a wonderful pure fragrance. Visitors will have the chance to take photos in a tranquil space that opens up a completely different world from everyday life. Coming to your eyes is the "Kingdom of birds".

Courageous swamp chicken please visitors to take pictures

This is a gathering place for countless species. They are very leisurely, calmly playing on giant lotus leaves. Night herons and storks are amusedly perching and walking in the quiet clear atmosphere. Late in the afternoon, they land in the Tra Su forest from coastal fields, perching on the trees like dotting a landscape picture. In this season, all creatures proliferate strongly, newborn baby birds chirp to greet each other. The immense Melaleuca forest, deeply rooted in the ground, is a proud symbol of the precious hard-working virtues of local people who have persisted in clinging to the ground for many years.

Enjoying “Tra Su Cuisine”

Tra Su Melaleuca Forest is gradually becoming famous on the tourist map of Vietnam for its unique simplicity and originality. Tra Su will jubilantly celebrate the public holiday with a "free grand buffet party", an opportunity to take you back to the past to recall your beautiful childhood memories.

The buffet party is featured with mouthwatering folk cakes

The folk cake buffet "in the middle of the forest" opens up a "brand new" culinary culture space with a variety of cakes, made from ingenious quintessence by talented artisans. Folk cakes look simple but are made with the "soul" of the land where our forefathers painstakingly gathered and created when they moved south to reclaim the land.

"The shortest way to touch the hearts of tourists is the stomach". So, Tra Su sends the love into every cake. All will be conquered by folk cakes made from natural, delicious and irresistible flavors and tastes. You are free to enjoy pepper bun, sponge cake, banana cake, small-sized Tet cake, heart sandwich and sweet potato cake among others.

Just coming to Tra Su, you will find leisure, relaxation and peace of mind in a busy, crowded and bustling city life. Therefore, Tra Su Restaurant gently captures the hearts of visitors with rustic country products such as field mice roasted in the pot, henicorhynchus hotpot with riverhemp flowers, steamed chicken with Kaffir Lime leaves, crab soup, stir-fried beef with biancaea sappan leaves. If you want to enjoy both locally distinctive rustic and country cuisines while admiring the magical beauty of nature, Tra Su will be a great suggestion for you.

Lam Vy Da and her team visit RTTS - "Happy diners" enjoy delicious food

You will be captivated by charming natural scenery, spectacular That Son Mountain towering up to catch the wind, shadowing a vast space in the sunset, cool weather and perfect heaven and earth intersection. Graceful lines draw an enthralling painting of romantic Tra Su that sows unforgettable memory into the hearts of tourists.

By Lan Anh, Vietnam Busienss Forum