An Giang: Giant “Buddhist Rock Hand” Come to View

9:48:33 AM | 5/5/2022

An Giang is already famous for mysterious legends. Buddhist Rock Hand, which is much talked about here and there is coming to view after a long time concealing in the majestic That Son Mountain Range. Legend has it that every wish incredibly comes true, the miraculous masterpiece of Mother Nature attracts many Buddhist followers and tourists far and wide to satisfy their sense of curiosity.

Foreign visitors are feasting their eyes on the Buddhist Rock Hand

Immense green in the frontier land

There are always miracles around us in an extraordinary way. No one can explain spiritual legends at "Treasure Mountain", another name for Thien Cam Mountain. Used to be a remote land where the soil was infertile, local hard-working people could not make ends meet Stemming from the long-cherished desire, whenever the investor went past this land, his heart melted for it. With a long-term vision, solar power will become an inevitable trend in our world, an alternative to fossil energy that is being worn out and exhausted.

Success comes from various factors. The project is designed for noble and beautiful humanistic values, realizes the desire to dedicate and adorn life, and creates a driving force to make a stable income and huge profit. “Sao Mai Solar Park” was built for that reason, majestically putting on the “great green”, full of vitality on the frontier land. Skillfully placed solar panels look like “silk strips” stretching out to catch all sunlight. From an aerial view, in their splendor, panels still look as free as a flying cloud, like a crane spreading its wings to fly across the sky.

The charming solar panel farm is ready to welcome visitors

The clean energy steppe is a miracle in real life. It provides money for local people to build houses and buy more fertile land for effective farming and provides stably paid jobs for them to enjoy better material and spiritual life. Not only freely enjoying a beautiful nature at the “Solar Farm”, visitors also have other interesting experiences with sheep, rabbits, baby goats and other friendly animals. They will be very lovely “companions” in the amazing photos taken by tourists.

And an activity they must do here is visiting display areas of technological equipment or household electrical appliances. All are operated by a solar power system. After discovering the scenery, they will have a positive view, will certainly love the green energy source, and love this new, unique, and environmentally friendly experience of An Giang.

Mysterious miracle: Giant “Buddha Hand”

After the energy project was completed, this was also the time when the supernature showed the way for the investor to discover the giant “Buddha Hand” - a very precious treasure of nature endowed to An Giang. In the past, it was thought that it was just an anecdote that sorcerers on Cam Son Mountain told or only a scene from the Chinese popular drama - Journey to the West. Now, it is charming to be seen right in the real world.

Each piece of silent rock is perfectly created by the Creator to shape the Buddha's Hand, more than 10m high, with all five fingers and knuckles. Fingerprints can be seen clearly and vividly. The five-round fingers represent the perfection of Shakyamuni: Generosity, morality, patience, effort and concentration. The construction of An Hao Solar Power Park was very smooth. Was it protected and supported by the Buddha Hand?

Visitors far and wide come to worship sincerely

A rare phenomenon of the world was discovered on the solar park in a tranquil mountain, a pure, sacred place that is free from the earthy world. Legends become more mysterious when they are told by workers here: “Once we saw with our own eyes a strong light shining down from the high sky, brilliantly covering the whole area. The clouds are dancing as if they are welcoming a given grace.” In the commonsense, the halo represents wisdom, illuminating the way for human beings to liberate their bodies and minds and sowing good causes to reap sweet fruits.

A magnificent halo of light is illuminating the whole sky

Understanding more about the law of life, people will feel more peaceful, calmer, more optimistic, and free-spirited in the face of changes in life. Hearing this myth, residents in neighboring areas all want to have the opportunity to come here to respectfully worship the Buddha, praying for peace and prosperity for the family, and for business success and career promotion. All make a strong impression on those who like to admire mysterious legends like this.

Observing the sunrise in An Hao Solar Park

Life is a blend of light and dark colors, not only smiles but also tears, as the more mature people grow, the more they realize that life is not just paved on a rosy path. That is why the spiritual life of human beings very much needs a "spiritual corner" to rely on. As Paustovsky once said, “No matter what people tell you, always believe that life is wonderful and beautiful.”

Here, visitors can extend their eyes and fully admire the charming landscape and romantic space of Cam Son Mountain. A little peace, lightness and depth to feel the scent of sunshine and wind, listen to the echoing sounds from the mountainside to liberate the body and mind, the optimistic spirit dispels all sorrows as they should be.

By Lan Anh, Vietnam Business Forum