DIGISPARK - Unilever’s First Company-Wide Event on All Things Digital

4:16:10 PM | 5/23/2022

Digital is transforming our industry at speed, impacting the way we source, make, market, sell and distribute our products. This requires companies to not only apply technology and innovation into operations and business activities but develop people’s digital future-fit skills as well.

DigiSpark: Your window to our digital world

Digital is a key enabler at Unilever and will accelerate our journey towards a purpose-led, future-fit organisation. With that goal in mind, we are launching DigiSpark, our new company-wide event next June.

DigiSpark aims to inspire and mobilise all employees to build the future-fit digital capabilities that we need to be successful in driving the company’s growth and people’s development in a fully digitised world.

The event will feature our leaders talking about the vital role digital is playing in Unilever’s future and our strategic priorities. Providing a further perspective, external speakers will cover digital trends that are impacting our business. This is an opportunity for everyone at Unilever to learn more about the future of work and how to get future-fit with our One Unilever digital upskilling programme.

The DigiSpark event is a part of Unilever’s digital transformation programme, Digital 4 Growth, which began in 2021 and continues to accelerate the company’s strategic choices this year. The key deliverables are to:

  • Implement Digital Marketing and Commerce Hub’s globally, enabling faster and more effective digital asset creation and deployment to respond to further convergence of media, entertainment and commerce;
  • Drive competitiveness in digital commerce where Unilever continues to grow ahead of the channel;
  • Leverage data-driven partnerships with key strategic customers by scaling our Partners 4 Growth programme;
  • Use the power of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, big data analytics and social listening to power digitally enabled innovation;
  • Grow our digital native businesses and our digital selling and services;
  • Make sustainable living simple and preferred for consumers, powered by digital.

Digital transformation at internal Unilever Vietnam

Building and designing a digital transformation platform and system, along with data management upskilling, facilitate employees and businesses in Unilever Vietnam's value chain to have useful foundations for the future. More than 10,000 people in Unilever Vietnam's value chain are making data-driven decisions.

Typically, technology application and digitisation at Unilever Vietnam's factories have offer employees opportunities to learn and develop digital transformation skills, transitioning from manual operations to robotics, data analysis, automation system designing and algorithm programming. Unilever Vietnam’s factories currently obtain a team of engineers who can self-design and program new smart automatic systems and 100% of technical staff who have capabilities of system maintenance.

In addition, promoting digital transformation for employees at Unilever Vietnam also facilitates the team to implement several data-driven digital marketing initiatives and digital sales channels, such as the OrderUNow application that helps more than 170,000 grocery stores nationwide import products directly from Unilever, or the UShop e-commerce ecosystem specializing in selling Unilever products.

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