Location – Decisive Factor to Increase Property Value

9:25:40 AM | 5/31/2022

Location is perhaps a crucial factor in making a property deal. In any market circumstance, location is always an important factor that determines the value and profitability of a product.

When location is a guarantee for property value

A well-located product will help investors easily lease, transfer or sell because of the growing value over time. So, what elements make a real estate product well-located?

Connectivity and infrastructure are the first elements to be watched by investors. A real estate project located in an area that is fully connected to electricity, traffic, schools, hospitals and other facilities will, first of all, satisfy settlement needs. Furthermore, convenient connectivity to surrounding utilities will add the value of a property and therefore open up sustainably profitable investment opportunities. Besides, planning is also a necessary factor to ensure long-term real estate development. When lying in planned urban areas, residential areas, or economic - administrative centers, projects will certainly have a higher value than other ones.

When referencing these standards to metropolitan cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the pricing difference is often large between the real estate of the same class with different locational advantages. There is no difference between these traditional markets with emerging ones. Therefore, what concerns investors today is how to choose a well-located project with a softer price in emerging markets to achieve a high-profit margin.

Yen Bai province - A bright rendezvous for investors

Among investor-attractive emerging markets, Yen Bai province occupies an important position because it possesses more competitive advantages than other ones. An increasingly complete transport infrastructure system, potential regional economic development and "reasonable" pricing are plus points that make Yen Bai attractive to large investment flows in both primary and secondary markets.

The strategic location as a gateway to the Northwest region has quickly given a completely new face to Yen Bai urban areas. Being aware of its locational advantage with Noi Bai - Lao Cai Expressway, the Yen Bai Provincial People's Committee promptly built and completed Au Co Boulevard linking this expressway to National Highway 32C. Au Co Boulevard is invested with a 40m wide road surface, showing its important role as an intersection linking Yen Bai with other key economic regions such as Hanoi, Vinh Phuc and Phu Tho. This cross-regional transport construction system has facilitated property investment flows into the vicinity of Yen Bai City.

For example, TNR Stars Yen Bai City Project in front of Au Co Boulevard is highly appreciated by investors for its prime location. Located at the new administrative center of the province, dwellers in this project can easily get to regional service and utility systems such as Yen Bai City downtown, Van Phu Railway Station, Yen Bai General Hospital, the tuberculosis hospital, vocational colleges and golf courses. At the same time, from this traffic axis, they can quickly access Hanoi - Lao Cai Highway to reach neighboring provinces.

Not only having convenient traffic access, but TNR Stars Yen Bai City is also marked by modern planning and trendy product lines such as townhouses, shophouses and villas, with residents granted long-term ownership certificates. Reportedly, TNR Holdings, the investor of the project, is rushing to construct infrastructure and offer land for sale at a very attractive price. Maritimebank will provide loans equal to up to 70% of the deal value, bearing zero interest for 18 months.

As the available land fund in big cities is increasingly narrowed and investors are forced to seek opportunities in more distant places, TNR Stars Yen Bai City deserves to be a safe investment rendezvous where profitability is guaranteed to be multiplied in the near term.

By Vietnam Business Forum