Shinhan Life Vietnam Introduces Two Endowment Products

3:41:58 PM | 6/13/2022

Shinhan Life Insurance Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Shinhan Life) on June 13 officially launched two life insurance products "Shinhan – Tuong Lai" and "Shinhan - Thanh Tai" for children, show the desire towards accompanying the Vietnamese parents on the journey to protect their children.

These two endowment insurance products are comprehensive protection solutions for the whole family, not only protecting both parents and children against the unexpected risks, but also acting as a financial back-up for the family when in need.

On this occasion, Mr. Lee EuiChul – General Director of Shinhan Life shared: “We always understand that parents’ greatest happiness is to witness their children grow up in the most favorable conditions. Therefore, when designing products, especially these two products for children "Shinhan – Tuong Lai" and "Shinhan - Thanh Tai", Shinhan Life always aims to accompany parents on the best preparation of their children’ future".

These two products could be considered a continuation of the Company’s efforts for people’ health and happiness - especially Vietnamese children. In January 2022, Shinhan Life also officially introduced the company's first insurance product - Shinhan - An Binh; a health product of Blood Cancer protection for children. Its product development strategy has been on the right track in accompanying Vietnamese parents to prepare protection for every child with affordable premiums. This will finally help reduce families’ financial burden when facing risks and enjoy the happy living every day.

T.N (Vietnam Business Forum)