AEON Vietnam Continues Expanding the AEON MaxValu Supermarket ​​with the Format “Min Distance - Max Experience”

6:12:18 PM | 6/17/2022

In the first half of 2022, AEON Vietnam continues to operate small and medium supermarkets AEON MaxValu, bring to a convenient and quality shopping experience to consumers in residential areas. We will adjust and standardize the format to replicate and aim for 100 stores by 2025.

Accelerate the expansion of AEON MaxValu supermarket format

The development of small and medium supermarket AEON MaxValu is part of AEON Vietnam's strategy to diversify retail formats while AEON Group identifies Vietnam as a key market after Japan to focus its investment and development resources in the coming time. According to Mr. Furusawa Yasuyuki - General Director of AEON Vietnam, due to the Covid pandemic, customers' habits, trends, and behaviors have changed drastically. “Customers prioritize convenience, choosing to shop at locations close to home. Besides, they focus on healthy products at reasonable prices.” – Mr. Furusawa shared.

AEON Vietnam continues to operate small and medium supermarkets under the AEON MaxValu in residential areas

In the first half of 2022, AEON Vietnam continues to put into operation the small and medium supermarkets of the AEON MaxValu chain. This marks a milestone for the new phase of opening this new supermarket brand. AEON MaxValu supermarkets have been well wellcome by customers in the inner city, recording an average growth of 5-10% in the first half of 2022.

AEON MaxValu supermarkets serve customers in the residential areas with full daily needs

Since the opening of the first AEON MaxValu supermarket in 2020, AEON Vietnam has been constantly improving on formats, products, and services to meet the changing in consumer demand. After a period of testing and improving to find the most suitable format, AEON Vietnam is planning to accelerate MaxValu expansion, aiming to put supermarkets into operation by 2025.

AEON MaxValu - "Min Distance - Max Experience" supermarket to bring "AEON standards" closer to customers

With the format of "Min distance - Max experience", AEON MaxValu supermarkets are developed with an area of ​​300 - 500m2 in residential areas in the inner city. Not only shortening the travel distance, convenient for customers to shop daily, but the products here are also still diversified from ready-to-eat food (“RTE”), ready-to-cook food (“RTC”), fresh food, and dried food to fresh flowers, cosmetics, following AEON standards and quality to serve the regular and daily needs of customers.

Customers are always interested in the perishable area because there are "AEON standards" – safe and fresh products here

Besides, at AEON MaxValu supermarket, AEON Vietnam also introduces more products from AEON’s Private Brand. These products are manufactured and imported from AEON Japan or developed by AEON in collaboration with local manufacturers according to standards and technology from AEON. There are 02 highlight Private Brands, including AEON TOPVALU provides a variety of food products, cosmetics, etc., which are increasingly favored by Vietnamese customers: HÓME CÓORDY - a brand of household products and furniture with minimalist, modern design, and durable quality over time.

AEON MaxValu also introduces products under AEON's Private Brand such as TOPVALU, HÓME CÓORDY

Not only have "AEON-standard" products and service experiences but all benefits for AEON membership cards are also applied to customers shopping at AEON MaxValu, including door-to-door delivery, shopping-on-phone; integration of the membership card of AEON Vietnam’s General merchandise stores, and Supermarkets; along with many promotions & cashless payments via bank card, e-wallets, QR codes...

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