NS BlueScope Vietnam Launches Market’s First-Ever Pre-Painted Alloy-Coated Steel for Sandwich Panel Application Exclusively for: Cool Rooms, Clean Rooms and Architectural Walls

4:18:01 PM | 6/21/2022

NS BlueScope Vietnam - a member of Australia-based BlueScope Steel Limited recently has launched market’s first-ever pre-painted alloy-coated steel for sandwich panel application exclusively for cool rooms, clean rooms, and architectural walls.

NS BlueScope Vietnam officially launched first-ever pre-painted alloy-coated steel in the market COLORBOND® for Panel for sandwich panel application used in Cool Rooms, Clean Rooms
, and Architectural Walls

This specific product range utilizes elite technologies from the world’s alloy-coated steel, and is a unique product on the market to help solve investors’ pain points when constructing projects that require sandwich panel application for cool rooms, clean rooms and architectural walls.

Corrosion (cool room), Bacteria (clean room), Color fading (architectural wall) are the pain points that the new pre-painted alloy-coated steel COLORBOND® for Panel can prevent

Since entering the Vietnamese market, BlueScope has maintained its competitive advantage with positioning as a pioneer in research and development of breakthrough technologies for the alloy-coated steel market based on over 130 years of experience from Australia.

“The sandwich panel market is part of such a strategy. Recognizing the importance of alloy-coated steel materials in the finished sandwich panel, we determined to be the first steel brand to introduce breakthrough technology to the market, leading this new and potential segment by supplying alloy-coated steel products to meet the diverse needs of different sandwich panel segments namely: Clean Room, Cool Room and Architectural Wall,” said Mr. Dang Thanh Hung, Vice President of Marketing, NS BlueScope Vietnam.

The market’s first-ever pre-painted steel COLORBOND® for Panel for Sandwich Panel application used in Cool Room, Clean Room and Architectural Wall

“Based on our insight of investors’ pain points when building factories combining with our in-depth experience in producing alloy-coated steel, we have developed COLORBOND® for Panel – an alloy-coated steel solution exclusively customized for cool rooms: COLORBOND® for Panel | COOL ROOM, clean rooms: COLORBOND® for Panel | CLEAN ROOM and architectural walls: COLORBOND® for Panel | ARCHITECTURAL WALL. This specific product range optimally meets the most stringent requirements in terms of durability, antibacterial ability, aesthetics and insulation layer adhesion and other specialized standards, thereby supporting sandwich panel manufacturers to produce high quality products to meet investors’ needs,” said Ms. Lam To Trinh – Vice President, Innovation & Business Development.

Ms. Lam To Trinh – Vice President, Innovation & Business Development shared the "secret recipe" to create high-quality sandwich panels from the market’s first-ever alloy-coated steel COLORBOND® for Panel for Sandwich Panel application

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