Industry and Trade Sector Actively Overcoming Hardships to Boost Performance

4:10:19 PM | 6/27/2022

In 2021, despite being hit by the COVID-19 epidemic, with ongoing effective solutions, the industry and trade sector of Ninh Thuan province achieved optimistic progress in production and business activities. Based on its performance in 2021, the sector has stepped up information technology application and digital transformation to create new breakthroughs in 2022.

In the past five years, the sector has obtained outstanding achievements and made optimistic contributions to local socioeconomic development. In 2016-2021, renewable energy development created a new position for the province, helping raise its already-high economic growth. In the last three years, despite facing numerous difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, its GRDP growth was among best performers in the country (13.25% in 2019, ranked fourth in the country; 9.58% in 2020, ranked 6th; and 9% in 2021, ranked 4th). Commercial infrastructure has been a focus for development investment. In 2021, Ninh Thuan province had 102 markets, one trade center, seven supermarkets and 34 convenience stores, which helped boost economic growth and better meet consumer demand. In 2021, the added industrial value expanded by 38.06% from a year earlier; the export value rose 13% year on year to US$113 million; and total retail value of consumer goods and services inched up 1.2% year on year.

When the fourth COVID-19 epidemic outbreak broke out, the Department of Industry and Trade advised the Provincial People's Committee on plans for goods supply for people subject to quarantine lockdowns. The department also developed and applied plans for the supply of essential goods amid epidemic contagion and particularly supported companies affected by the epidemic to deal with emerging obstacles.

In the past years, the sector has defined information technology application, e-government construction and digital transformation as important tasks that need to be prioritized for immediate action. Accordingly, all public employees must further information technology application to work by using TDO software, electronic certificates, email and Zalo message, speed up receipt and settlement of administrative procedures in the electronic environment; foster e-commerce application in purchase, sale and exchange of goods; support commercial firms with digital transformation in e-commerce to adapt to epidemic conditions. With these outstanding results, in 2021 the Department of Industry and Trade ranked 2nd on the Information Technology Application Index in the province.

Mr. Vo Dinh Vinh, Director of Ninh Thuan Department of Industry and Trade, said, in 2022, the province's Index of Industrial Production (IIP) is expected to rise by more than 20% from a year earlier. Its industrial production value is forecast to expand by 17-18%; total retail revenue of consumer goods and services by 15 - 16%; and export value to US$120 million. The sector will also strive for B2C e-commerce market to expand by 17-20% and for 30-35% of enterprises to apply e-commerce. Especially, it will step up administrative reform to build a democratic, modern, professional, disciplinary, open and transparent administration.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum