MM Mega Market Innovates Brand “We Are Fresh”, Aiming to Provide Safe, Fresh, Healthy Products

3:02:57 PM | 11/30/2022

As one of the leading retailers in Vietnam, MM Mega Market has introduced a new brand identity for its own brand – “We Are Fresh” in response to the emerging consumer trends toward health values in the post-COVID-19. “We Are Fresh” has marked a new development stage to better meet the growing demands for fresh - clean - delicious food among Vietnamese consumers. It also contributes to the promotion of sustainable agriculture in Vietnam.

After 5 years in the market, “We Are Fresh” is being refined and promoted, with a diverse product portfolio and transparent traceability to control product quality right from the farming stage.

According to academic studies on consumption habits after COVID-19, Vietnamese consumers are more concerned about health factors in shopping, particularly the manufacturers’ reputation as well as the health and food safety issues. A recent survey on Health Habits in the Asia Pacific countries discovered that 78% of respondents in Vietnam are more willing to adopt healthy products. This implies the growing demand among Vietnamese consumers for safe, fresh, and nutritious food.

Meeting the demand for food products with clear, safe, fresh, and healthy origins

Since 2017, “We are Fresh” has been well-known to customers of MM Mega Market. Recognizing the rising demands, “We are Fresh” has continuously upgraded and diversified its product portfolio ranging from fresh foods, vegetables, fruits to bakery and directly imported products. In particular:

Fresh food: This is We are Fresh’s key strength, which MM has constantly worked on to improve both the supply scale and product quality. Since 2005, MM Mega Market has pioneered in building and developing a hygienic closed food supply chain "from farm to fork" in Vietnam under a sustainable development strategy. Until now, MM Mega Market Vietnam operates five direct sourcing platforms, including the Da Lat Vegetables and Fruits, Can Tho Fish, Dong Nai and Hanoi Pork, and Tien Giang Fruit. At these platforms, the agronomists of MM Mega Market work directly with farmers from the selection to harvesting process. This ensures that product quality is always strictly controlled to provide consumers with fresh products, good prices, and transparent traceability.

Bakery: “We are Fresh” bakery products are made from all ingredients available at MM Mega Market, ensuring food safety and hygiene with synchronized recipes for all nationwide stores and delivering quality and fresh pastry products. Currently, MM Mega Market is a reputable supplier for many schools, canteens, and catering businesses. We are Fresh’s bakery is packaged in eco-friendly packaging, ensuring aesthetics and food safety and hygiene.

Directly imported products: “We are Fresh” focuses on imported products, such as apples and grapes, to high-end hotels and restaurants. Similar to its fresh food, “We are Fresh” 's directly imported products are managed rigorously in terms of inputs, food safety, hygiene requirements and transparent food origins to ensure consumers' health.

Strict selection procedures ensure that the products are ultra-fresh

Since 2005, MM Mega Market has been a pioneer in building and developing a hygienic and closed food supply mode “From Farm to Fork” in alignment with sustainable development in Vietnam.

The selection and procurement process shows MM Mega Market's dominating role and sustainable investment in the closed supply chain, including:  Select potential farms/suppliers, prioritize those with Organic, VietGAP, and Global GAP certifications.

The Quality Assurance evaluates actual conditions, farms, infrastructures, traceability records, etc. Contracts are signed only with qualified vendors.

The agronomists at MM Mega Market strictly monitor the planting and harvesting, as well as. provide necessary consultations.

Products are evaluated for traceability, physical and chemical parameters on a regular basis to guarantee that they comply with the state standards.

With the aforementioned quality assurance procedure, “We are Fresh” provides consumers with an ample supply of high quality at extremely reasonable prices (lower than market price by about 5%-15%), while contributing to Vietnam’s sustainable agriculture. Farmers are always assured of consistent outputs; therefore, they are encouraged to develop stable careers, enhance farming infrastructures, and generate better income and living standards.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc (a supplier from Don Duong District, Lam Dong Province) said: "I have collaborated with MM Mega Market for more than a decade. My family was able to quadruple the supply thanks to technical assistance from MM Mega Market's agronomists and quality control experts. We are proud to be an advanced farmer, who continuously supplies safe and healthy food to Vietnamese families."

With positive values delivered to the local community, MM Mega Market has modified the brand identity of “We are Fresh” with the ultimate goal to diversify fresh food and make outstanding improvements and innovations to meet the healthcare demands of consumers and partners across the country.

Mr. Bruno Jousselin – Managing Director of MM Mega Market stated: "Over 20 years of accompanying Vietnamese consumers, MM Mega Market always strives for the best values beyond their expectations. With increased customer demand for safe, fresh, and nutritious goods, we are continually improving our own brand – “We are Fresh” to provide high-quality and reputable food products. Simultaneously, by purchasing “We are Fresh”, customers are joining hands with MM Mega Market and to promote sustainable agricultural production of local farmers."

Van Luong - Vietnam Business Forum