Binh Dinh Elevates Diplomatic Engagement with Heads of Missions and Foreign Agencies in Vietnam

1:05:13 PM | 11/28/2023

Binh Dinh province recently convened a gathering with the heads of diplomatic representative agencies and foreign organizations in Vietnam at the Provincial Convention Center in Quy Nhon City. Mr. Ho Quoc Dung, Secretary of the Binh Dinh Provincial Party Committee, emphasized the significance of this event within the broader foreign affairs agenda for 2023.

Binh Dinh provincial leaders sign an MOU with Korean enterprises to foster collaborative initiatives

Addressing the conference, Secretary Ho Quoc Dung articulated a vision centered on unlocking existing potential and leveraging the timely support of central authorities. He underscored the commitment of the business community and international allies, propelling Binh Dinh to emerge as an outstanding province in the North Central and Central Coast regions. The province is steadfast in its aspiration to ascend as a preeminent force in the central region.

Within its development strategy, Binh Dinh places internal strength as the linchpin, recognizing external forces as crucial to achieving local socioeconomic development goals. Adhering closely to the Party and State foreign policy of "independence, autonomy, peace, friendship, cooperation and development," Binh Dinh actively pursues international integration, fosters expanded cooperation and attracts investments across diverse fields.

With steadfast support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam and esteemed foreign representative agencies and organizations, Binh Dinh authorities, across all tiers, have forged robust cooperative and amicable ties with governments worldwide. Concurrently, the province has elevated its investment promotion endeavors, securing fruitful partnerships with entities in South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, the United States and beyond.

Emphasizing this commitment, Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People's Committee, declared a focus on attracting investors wielding modern technology, high intellectual prowess, eco-friendly production practices, resource-efficient utilization, and competitive product offerings. Assuring optimal conditions for success, he extended a compelling invitation to businesses and investors, vowing unwavering support for their projects in Binh Dinh province.

In acknowledging Binh Dinh's efforts, Singapore Ambassador to Vietnam Jaya Ratnam noted the significant milestones in the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Singapore. Expressing Singapore's regard for Vietnam as a crucial friend and partner, he commended Binh Dinh's relentless endeavors, anticipating that the influx of high-quality investors would contribute to elevating local employment standards and fostering sustainable development in the province.

Madam Latana Sihalaj, Charge d'Affaires of the Lao Embassy in Vietnam, highlighted the profound cooperation between Binh Dinh and four southern Lao provinces namely Attapeu, Champasak, Salavan and Sekong. Since the signing of a memorandum of cooperation in 2002, the collaboration spans politics, foreign affairs, national security, defense, economics, investment, trade, tourism, education, healthcare, culture and sports. The Lao Embassy stands poised to serve as a crucial bridge, collaborating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam to facilitate connections for Binh Dinh, enabling local businesses to find optimal partners in Laos for mutual benefit.

A representative from the Christina Noble Children's Foundation (CNCF) expressed deep commitment, citing nearly 35 years of transformative initiatives across 10 provinces and Ho Chi Minh City. Recognizing Binh Dinh as a beacon of untapped potential, CNCF aims to further amplify its impact by reinforcing successful programs. Their vision for Binh Dinh extends to creating an environment where education and health seamlessly intertwine, molding future outstanding citizens through nourishing meals and impactful lessons.

From a strategic business standpoint, Mr. Brook Colin Taylor, Chief Operating Officer at VinaCapital Group, illuminated the journey of investment in Binh Dinh province. “Casting our minds back to 2015, when the Nhon Hoi Economic Zone was a canvas of pristine sand and rock hills, our foray began with the Maia Quy Nhon Beach Resort project. Despite grappling with the pandemic and economic fluctuations, our unwavering commitment has translated into a substantial investment of approximately VND2,000 billion in the Maia project, seamlessly operationalizing over 1,000 rooms as per schedule. Fast forward to 2019, our expansion continued with the initiation of the Cat Hai Bay project, boasting a substantial investment exceeding VND6,000 billion. Notably, our proactive disbursement of around VND500 billion underscores our dedication to Binh Dinh's development,” he said. “Observing the province's strategic shift toward fostering high technology, tourism, renewable energy, and logistics alongside traditional sectors like agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, we recognize Binh Dinh's foresight. The completion of an international undersea fiber optic cable line and numerous clean energy projects positions the province in alignment with global sustainable development trends, presenting a compelling advantage to attract multinational technology firms for substantial investments and the establishment of large-scale production projects in Binh Dinh,” he added.

Ms. Nguyen Minh Hang, Deputy Foreign Minister of Vietnam, emphasized that the inaugural meeting with heads of diplomatic missions and foreign organizations in Binh Dinh underscores the province's proactive and positive approach to foreign affairs and international economic integration. This momentous gathering is poised to herald a new era of robust development for Binh Dinh, fostering enhanced development cooperation with international representative agencies, organizations, companies, business associations and foreign non-governmental organizations.

Guided by the principle of "building economic diplomacy with people, localities and businesses at the center of service," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is unwavering in its commitment to serve as a pivotal bridge. It will actively facilitate numerous forums and spaces, creating opportunities for Vietnam's localities and businesses to engage with international partners. This approach is designed to foster meaningful exchanges and connections, and, most importantly, to propel practical and effective cooperation.

By Ngo Khuyen, Vietnam Business Forum