Market Forum Online Makes Debut

9:22:47 AM | 5/3/2006

The market solutions forum - Market Forum Online (MFO) - officially made its debut in Hanoi on April 26, 2006. The MFO,, has started up the second phase of the scheduled “Getting riches is not difficult” market solutions programme. The forum will be officially put into operation from May 01, 2006. Under the supports of universities and patronisation of the Vietnam Television, this forum enables community, especially economic students, to share knowledge, experience and solutions in business and enrichment. 
The Online Solution Club was also be set up as a part of MFO. Club members will be allowed to take part in more issues of the club, to exchange and question the Specialist Council of the “Getting Riches is Not Difficult” Programme.
Mr. Hoang Hai Au, General Director of Hoang Giang Vietnam Corp., said: “The forum creates conditions for students to be in contact with the practical environment when they are at school, and helps them make sound orientations and choice for their future.”
Phuong Ly