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I am Micheal from VietNam ‘Chiller servicing company. Established in 1995 , we developed quick in our area. Now, we are become leading company in Chiller and cooling tower services. Nearly thousand customers are using our services :Building, hotel, factory, Sugar mill, steel mill, feed mill…

Since our vison, become the leading in services for cooling, chiller, boiler, we invested chemical supply 3 years ago. Now, our burget is around 60 Ton watertreatment chemical per year. Decision separay chemical from mother company, we are going to open the new chemical company end of this year. Therefor we are finding the supplier in watertreatment for cooling tower, chiller and RO system. And would become distributor of company

Information for your reference, we are using:

1.Scale and corrosion for cooling, boiler

2.Reverse osmosis anti scalant, CIP chemical

3. Waste water treament chemical
4. Swimming pool chemical

Looking forward and waiting for your feedback


The VietNam Chiller servicing company.


Skype: nammaipr

Company ACE servicing
Contact person Michael
Address: HCM, VietNam
Business phone
Country VN

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