Improving the Efficiency of Integration

9:41:16 AM | 24/6/2020 | THAI BINH

In implementing the Resolution of the 10th Provincial Party Congress and the Resolution of the Second Provincial Party Congress of the Department of Industry and Trade (tenure 2015-2020), Kien Giang Industry and Trade sector has made efforts to overcome difficulties and strongly develop, and successfully implemented the objectives and tasks set out in the Resolution of the Congress.

TBS and Journey to Set New Position for Vietnam's Footwear Industry

11:00:26 AM | 23/6/2020 | THAI BINH

Being confident about the talent and competence of Vietnamese people, for the past thirty years, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TBS Group, and his colleagues have built and developed TBS to prove the potential of the Vietnamese industry in the international market.

Thai Binh Province Placing Business at the Heart of Administrative Reform

10:58:05 AM | 23/6/2020 | THAI BINH

Thai Binh province has adopted various measures and actions to strongly improve the business environment, remove "bottlenecks" in investment and business development, and support local enterprises and investors. This is more vividly shown in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, with serious impacts on business operations.

Hai Ly Group: New Way - New Mark

12:46:48 PM | 22/6/2020 | THAI BINH

Hai Ly Group, founded in 1993, has continuously grown up, starting from only six employees to a big business entity of nearly 300 employees. Not only investing in civil engineering, transportation, irrigation and infrastructure development of urban areas, the group has grown to become a powerful multi-business company which is engaged in construction material, real estate, services and renewable energy in many provinces and cities nationwide.

Hai Long Industrial - Urban - Service Park Creating Foundation for Overall Success of Thai Binh Economic Zone

12:43:52 PM | 22/6/2020 | THAI BINH

After 10 years of operation, Bao Minh has not only achieved good business results but also succeeded in building a model industrial park in Nam Dinh province and the whole country.

Working together with Businesses to Get through Tough Times

12:40:49 PM | 22/6/2020 | THAI BINH

In the first months of 2020, determined to live through the devastating Covid-19 epidemic, the Thai Binh industry and trade sector has made ongoing efforts to fulfil its sector development tasks and targets to have important, decisive contributions to the province's GRDP growth in 2020. The sector has focused on business support solutions to achieve these goals.

Thai Binh Business Association - Bridge to Solidarity and Development

12:37:55 PM | 22/6/2020 | THAI BINH

With the desire to enrich and contribute to the development of the provincial economy, many businesses in Thai Binh province have strived to rise up and succeed with famous brands. In that success, it is impossible not to mention the role of Thai Binh Business Association (TBBA), an important bridge between enterprises and businesses, State management agencies and markets.

Higher Human Resource Quality for Better Business Environment

12:36:05 PM | 22/6/2020 | THAI BINH

In the last three years, the labor training index of Thai Binh province reached 6.47 points (2017), 6.87 points (2018) and 6.68 points (2019), higher than the average of its overall Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI). This success results from Thai Binh province’s various solutions to improve human resource quality to better meet labor needs of local enterprises.

Effectively Combining Investment Promotion Activities

2:33:26 PM | 19/6/2020 | THAI BINH

Investment promotion has produced positive effects on socioeconomic development for Thai Binh province. However, to increase investment value, the province needs to take stronger actions to enhance the investment and business environment and sharpen competitiveness.

Thai Binh Economic Zone Ready to Catch New Investment Flow

2:31:15 PM | 19/6/2020 | THAI BINH

Thai Binh was approved by the Prime Minister to establish an economic zone and the province is finalizing the master plan for it. This is a great opportunity for the 31,000-ha economic zone with a 54-km coast to roll out the red carpet to welcome investors and businesses.