Mekong Center: Fresh Vitality for Soc Trang Urbanization Progress

11:43:26 AM | 18/3/2020 | SOC TRANG

Cuu Long Petro Urban Development and Investment Corporation (PVCL) was established in 2007 with an initial registered capital of VND250 billion. Over 13 years of operation, PVCL has successfully carried out many key projects in Soc Trang and made important contributions to local industrialization and modernization.

Soc Trang Pursuing Quality, Sustainable and Effective Economic Growth

11:41:44 AM | 18/3/2020 | SOC TRANG

Joining the country’s great overall achievements, in 2019, Soc Trang made a spectacular impression with its fulfilment of all socioeconomic development targets and tasks. This success will be a premise and motivation for the province to reach new achievements in 2020.

Drawing More Investment into Industrial Zones

11:40:23 AM | 18/3/2020 | SOC TRANG

With its separate approach and continuous reform efforts, Soc Trang province has achieved remarkable results in investment attraction. Domestic and foreign enterprises have been increasingly confident about choosing Soc Trang province-based industrial zones to locate and expand their projects.

Investing in Focused Transport Infrastructure

11:38:58 AM | 18/3/2020 | SOC TRANG

Determining that traffic must be one step ahead to create a foundation and a driving force for economic development and increased investment, Soc Trang province always gives top priority to investment in developing a connected transport infrastructure system in important places.

Credit Expansion Goes with Safety and Efficiency

11:37:16 AM | 18/3/2020 | SOC TRANG

In 2019, the banking industry of Soc Trang province reached its safety, quality and performance goals with many positive results and importantly contributed to local socioeconomic growth.

Keeping Good Image of Soc Trang in the Eyes of Investors

11:09:54 AM | 17/3/2020 | SOC TRANG

With the steely determination of the whole political system of the province to turn local potential into real economic gains, Soc Trang province’s investment attraction efforts have produced remarkable outcomes and turned the “land of pagodas of Vietnam” into an open, friendly and appealing attraction to domestic and foreign investors.

VNPT Soc Trang Affirming its Position

11:08:03 AM | 17/3/2020 | SOC TRANG

After more than 10 years of construction and development, the capacity of telecom - information technology network capacity of VNPT Soc Trang has been invested to expand in scale, quality and service to better meet the rising customer demand and strongly affirm its leadership in the telecom - information technology industry in Soc Trang province.

Soc Trang Project Management Unit 2 - Helping Hand for Stronger Economic Competitiveness

11:06:19 AM | 17/3/2020 | SOC TRANG

Soc Trang Project Management Unit 2 (PMU 2) was established by Soc Trang Provincial People's Committee under Decision 2367/QD-UBND dated October 6, 2016, and officially operated from November 14, 2016.

New Face of Soc Trang Tourism

11:03:00 AM | 17/3/2020 | SOC TRANG

After more than three years of implementing Resolution 05-NQ/TU dated August 2, 2016 of the Provincial Party Committee on Soc Trang tourism development to 2020, with an eye to 2025, the face of Soc Trang tourism has changed dramatically.

Soc Trang Constantly Improving Economic Competitiveness

5:41:30 PM | 17/4/2018 | SOC TRANG

In 2017, with high determination and many ground-breaking solutions, the Party, the government and the people of Soc Trang province achieved relatively inclusive results