State Leader Urges Quang Binh to Tap Strengths for Sustainable Development

10:29:13 AM | 16/6/2022 | QUANG BINH

State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc urged authorities of the central province of Quang Binh to exploit its unique advantages for sustainable development when chairing a working session with representatives from the Standing Committee of the provincial Party Committee on June 15.

Quang Binh - Potential, Secure and Distinctive Destination to Invest

10:10:52 AM | 15/1/2021 | QUANG BINH

“Potential, Secure and Distinctive” is the theme of the Quang Binh Investment Promotion Conference 2021, the starting activity for the new development phase of 2021-2024. This event takes place on the occasion of the commencement of Quang Trach 1 Thermal Power Plant. This is also an opportunity to boost a new image of Quang Binh province as a promising land for economic development, tourism, renewable energy, agriculture and forestry development.

Quang Binh Economic and Industrial Zones: Efforts to Attract Investment

9:59:47 AM | 15/1/2021 | QUANG BINH

Despite numerous difficulties, Quang Binh province has mobilized resources for developing infrastructure in economic and industrial zones, accelerated administrative reform, and improved support services for projects to facilitate economic restructuring, enhance competitiveness and unlock local potential and strengths.

Attracting Investment to Turn Potential and Advantages into Driving Force for Socio-economic Development

9:56:29 AM | 15/1/2021 | QUANG BINH

Full of potential and ambitions, in recent years, Quang Binh province has made enormous efforts to attract more investment funds, especially through investment promotion conferences, and attained remarkable achievements.

Quang Binh Developing Infrastructure to Accommodate Investment Inflows

9:46:37 AM | 15/1/2021 | QUANG BINH

In the 2016 - 2020 period, Quang Binh province has mobilized more than VND93 trillion (US$4 billion) from the central budget, ODA funds, local budget, corporate investment and people’s funds.

Quang Binh - Safe and Distinctive Destination

11:51:35 AM | 4/8/2020 | QUANG BINH

Being considered a safe destination for having no positive SARS-CoV-2 virus infections and strong tourism development in recent years, Quang Binh province is resolved to turn risks into opportunities to develop sustainable tourism.

Promoting World Natural Heritage Values of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park

11:46:17 AM | 4/8/2020 | QUANG BINH

Quang Binh province has paid special attention to managing and conserving the World Natural Heritage of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park and this focus has produced positive changes. In the new period, beside the above tasks, the province will concentrate on carrying out many solutions to raise the heritage value, especially drawing investment capital and developing tourism and services - the key economic sector of the province.

Successfully Reviving Local Precious Ginseng

11:32:20 AM | 29/7/2020 | QUANG BINH

Tue Lam High-Tech Agriculture Co., Ltd has successfully regenerated genetic resources, planted and replicated a precious herb, Bo Chinh ginseng, on the sunny and windy land of Quang Binh province. This achievement has provided new opportunities for farmers to change their farming models, grow profits and respond to climate change.

Preparing to Catch New Investment Flow

11:30:43 AM | 29/7/2020 | QUANG BINH

Seeing opportunities from Vietnam’s increasing integration with a series of new free trade agreements and the movement of global investment flows, Quang Binh province has been upgrading infrastructure and human resources, and changing investment promotion approaches to catch the new development wave. Vietnam Business Forum’s reporter interviews Mr. Phan Phong Phu, Director of the Quang Binh Department of Planning and Investment, on this content.

Quang Binh Economic Zone Authority Promoting Bridging Role in Investment Attraction

11:28:38 AM | 29/7/2020 | QUANG BINH

Focusing on infrastructure development in economic and industrial zones and creating momentum for further investment attraction are defined by Quang Binh province as important tasks to speed up local economic restructuring, enhance local competitiveness and tap local potential and strengths. Mr. Pham Tien Duat, Deputy Director of the Quang Binh Economic Zone Authority, shared this content. Ngoc Tung reports.