Tapping Potential and Advantages to Attract Investment

9:24:32 AM | 18/2/2021 | PHU YEN

Phu Yen province has continuously reaped "sweet fruits" of investment attraction, becoming a potential new destination for domestic and foreign investors in recent years. In an interview given to our reporters, Mr. Vo Dinh Tien, Director of the Planning and Investment Department, Phu Yen province, affirmed that this achievement came from the determination of the entire Phu Yen political system to implement consistent investment promotion solutions, improve the business investment environment, and unlock all potential strengths to create a driving force for stronger economic development in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Phu Yen: Effort to Support Businesses, Revive Economy Soon

10:22:23 AM | 9/2/2021 | PHU YEN

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as guided by the Government, Phu Yen province has urgently adopted solutions to foster production, business and economic recovery like removing hardships faced by enterprises, speeding up public investment disbursement, carrying out investment projects and ensuring social security. At the same time, the province has continued to forecast and prevent the coronavirus pandemic and ensure socio-economic development goals. 

Attracting Investment and Developing High-Tech Agriculture

10:19:37 AM | 9/2/2021 | PHU YEN

In recent years, Phu Yen province has promoted the attraction of resources and encouraged economic sectors to participate in the development of hi-tech agriculture, attached importance to the connection of production and consumption, and focused on building specific brands of agricultural products with the province's strengths to expand to domestic and foreign markets. Thereby, it has helped concretize the goals of building diversified, high-value agriculture in Phu Yen with sustainable growth, increasing income for farmers and building new countryside.

Urban Development Towards Green Growth and Climate Change Response

10:18:09 AM | 9/2/2021 | PHU YEN

In recent years, especially from 2017 up to now, Phu Yen province has made many efforts in urban and rural construction and development; including the formulation and implementation of construction planning, urban planning projects across the province, contributing to bring a new and prosperous appearance to the provincial urban area.

Phu Yen Young Entrepreneurs Grow with Local Development

10:16:50 AM | 5/2/2021 | PHU YEN

In the past years, the Phu Yen Young Entrepreneurs Association has effectively played its role as a bridge for its members with the provincial government. The association represented the business community to put forth many proposals to deal with difficulties relating to investment, production and business faced by local enterprises to the Provincial People’s Committee and relevant agencies for prompt resolution.

Improving Environmental Monitoring Capacity

10:15:27 AM | 5/2/2021 | PHU YEN

Phu Yen Natural Resources and Environmental Monitoring Center has the function of environmental investigation, observation and analysis; performing consulting activities and services for organizations and individuals in the fields of natural resources and environment, sea and islands in Phu Yen province. Over the past years, the Center has promptly provided data to state management agencies for environmental management, forecasting and protection, contributing to the province's socio-economic development.

KCP Dedicated to Agricultural Restructuring and New Rural Development

10:05:36 AM | 25/1/2021 | PHU YEN

Affiliated to KCP Group of India, KCP Vietnam Industry Co., Ltd. (KCP) has been officially present in Phu Yen province since 2000. For more than 20 years of development efforts, KCP's operations have helped improve socioeconomic conditions, promote economic restructuring in five mountainous districts of Phu Yen, and accelerate the cause of industrialization, modernization and international economic integration of the province.

Tourism Developed into Spearhead Economic Sector

10:03:15 AM | 25/1/2021 | PHU YEN

In 2020, despite facing heavy impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic, the tourism industry of Phu Yen province still managed to deal with difficulties and effectively tap the domestic market to stabilize the development of hospitality, become a spearhead economic sector and make a great contribution to the local economy.

Phu Yen Boosting Closer Partnership with Businesses

3:48:37 PM | 6/8/2018 | PHU YEN

With great progress in economic restructuring, Phu Yen province is trusted and appreciated by businesses and investors for its positive moves in building up an enabling government...

Phu Yen - Charming, Friendly and Hospitable Destination

3:42:16 PM | 6/8/2018 | PHU YEN

Phu Yen is rich in tourism development potential, featuring diverse natural topography consisting of mountains, highlands, delta, rivers, lakes, lagoons, bays and islands. The 189-km long coast...