Nam Dinh: Prioritizing Exemplary Rural Development

4:41:31 PM | 2/11/2023 | NAM DINH

Nam Dinh is one of the pioneering provinces in the new countryside construction movement. The province actively researched and launched a set of advanced and model new rural area criteria immediately after completing the first phase of the movement.

Nam Dinh Bolsters OCOP Program

4:15:52 PM | 23/11/2022 | NAM DINH

After more than four years of implementation, the One Commune, One Product (OCOP) program in Nam Dinh province has exerted a strong effect across the country and become an optimal solution for rural economic development.

Viet Thuan Apparel Co., Ltd Devoted to Employees

9:55:04 AM | 18/7/2022 | NAM DINH

Constantly improving the working environment and remuneration policy is a top priority of Viet Thuan Apparel Co., Ltd to stabilize the long-term workforce and strengthen employee loyalty to the Company.

Nam Dinh Garment and Textile Urban Area Modernity in Deep Traditional, Cultural Values

9:46:21 AM | 18/7/2022 | NAM DINH

Nam Dinh Garment and Textile Urban Area, a key project invested by Nam Dinh Textile and Garment Urban Development Joint Stock Company, a member of Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex), is built in the heart of Nam Dinh City,...

Bao Minh Industrial Park Expands Investment to Catch New Inflows

9:39:05 AM | 18/7/2022 | NAM DINH

Following the success of first-phase Bao Minh Industrial Park, Bao Minh Industrial Park Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company decided to expand its area by 50 ha to 215 ha. Vietnam Business Forum's reporter has an exclusive interview with Mr. Nguyen Van Kiem, General Director of the Company, on operation and development prospects of expanded Bao Minh Industrial Park in the coming time. Nguyen Dung reports.

Nam Dinh Industrial Zones Stronger Magnetism to Draw Investors

9:37:06 AM | 18/7/2022 | NAM DINH

Currently, Nam Dinh province has 10 industrial parks approved by the Prime Minister to be included in the Vietnam Industrial Park Development Plan, covering a total area of 2,046 ha. Six industrial parks are operational, including Hoa Xa, Bao Minh, My Trung, Rang Dong Textile and Garment, My Thuan and Bao Minh, with a combined area of 1,288.58 ha.

Lenger Seafoods Vietnam Co., Ltd Upping Vietnamese Clam Class

9:16:55 AM | 18/7/2022 | NAM DINH

As a member of Lenger Seafoods Group of the Netherlands, after more than 10 years of investment in Vietnam, Lenger Seafoods Vietnam Co., Ltd has been successful in processing, trading and exporting fresh, frozen and canned clam and bivalve mollusk products. These development steps have sent a positive signal for aquatic farming, processing and export in Nam Dinh province.

Nam Dinh Safe and Attractive Destination for Tourists

12:20:47 PM | 15/7/2022 | NAM DINH

Nam Dinh preserves many cultural heritages such as customs, beliefs, religion, relics, handicraft villages and festivals. Going to the sacred land of Nam Dinh, visitors have the opportunity to learn and immerse themselves in the space of traditional marine culture and delta culture.

Nam Hai Co., Ltd Enhancing Vietnamese Handicraft Brand

12:12:21 PM | 15/7/2022 | NAM DINH

Improving quality and diversifying products to increase competitiveness and keep export markets is an inevitable trend for cottage industry and handicraft producers. In that context, Nam Hai Co., Ltd has actively upgraded technological equipment, invested in designing high-quality products and beautiful designs, focused on building product brands and expanded consumer markets.

Improving Urban Network

9:43:43 AM | 15/7/2022 | NAM DINH

Urban development is an important driving force for socioeconomic development, a nucleus of engaging social resources and transforming the labor and economic structure of each region and each locality. To better understand urban space planning, construction and development of Nam Dinh province, our reporter has an exclusive interview with Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Deputy Director of the Department of Construction, Nam Dinh province. Nguyen Bach reports.