Kon Tum Province Committed to Standing by Business Community

11:44:19 AM | 4/2/2021 | KON TUM

Over the past years, Kon Tum province has made many spectacular and impressive breakthroughs in attracting investment. Chairman of Kon Tum Provincial People's Committee Le Ngoc Tuan emphasized that Kon Tum is committed to standing by the business community; creating the most favorable business investment environment for them to feel secure in production, contributing more to the province’s prosperity.

Kon Ray Forestry Co., Ltd Sharing Benefits, Linking with the Community

1:10:01 PM | 24/5/2019 | KON TUM

Kon Ray Forestry Co., Ltd was established in 2010 from the transformation of Kon Ray Agriculture, Industry and Forestry Development Investment and Service Company to manage, protect and develop forests.

Dak To Forestry Co., Ltd Dedicated to Forest Planting and Protection

1:06:12 PM | 24/5/2019 | KON TUM

Dak To Forestry Co., Ltd, formerly known as Dak To Investment, Forestry and Industrial Development Company, was established in 2003 under Decision 339/QD-UB of the Kon Tum Provincial People’s Committee.

Kon Tum Urban Environment JSC: For a Green, Clean, Beautiful and Civilized City

11:57:26 AM | 24/5/2019 | KON TUM

Kon Tum Urban Environment Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Kon Tum Urban Environment Company, was established on February 12, 1999 and officially operated as a joint stock company from December 31, 2015.

Kon Tum Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Center - Improving Rural Living Environment

11:54:02 AM | 24/5/2019 | KON TUM

Determining that clean water and environmental sanitation is an important evaluation indicator in the National Target Program on New Countryside Development, the Kon Tum Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Center has always strived to fulfill assigned tasks, supply clean water sources, and improve the life and spirit of rural people.

Kon Tum Conserving and Developing Ngoc Linh Ginseng

11:49:27 AM | 24/5/2019 | KON TUM

Kon Tum is rich in not only cultural identity but also potential medicinal plants, especially Ngoc Linh ginseng - a rare and endemic medicinal plant of Vietnam classified as one of the best ginseng species in the world.

Priority Investment for Supporting Industrial Development

11:47:25 AM | 24/5/2019 | KON TUM

In recent years, industrial production in Kon Tum province has expanded dramatically to become a driving force of the local economy. However, supporting industries are yet to develop proportionally, causing obstacles to industrial production and commodity export.

Raising State Administration of Natural Resources and Environment

11:44:52 AM | 24/5/2019 | KON TUM

Kon Tum province has abundant land resources (total natural land area of ​​967,418.38 ha), minerals (over 250 ore sites), and water (river and stream flows account for about 1.9% that of the whole country).

Dramatic Progress in Hi-Tech Agriculture Development

11:40:45 AM | 24/5/2019 | KON TUM

After two years of carrying out the hi-tech applied agriculture project, the agricultural sector of Kon Tum province has made dramatic progress and achieved very encouraging results.

Kon Tum Center for Disease Control: Frontline Preventive Medicine Unit Affirmed

11:38:39 AM | 24/5/2019 | KON TUM

Kon Tum Provincial Center for Disease Control officially went into operation on February 1, 2018, by consolidating seven health units of the provincial preventive system. The center has contributed to effective implementation of the prevention and control of epidemics and provided health care for people in the area.