Kien Giang: Strengthening Career Counseling and Job Introduction for Students

11:04:51 AM | 5/6/2023 | KIEN GIANG

Violent fluctuations in the labor market this year have made it difficult for workers to find a job, especially a new one. Therefore, to support outgoing high school students and tertiary students in Kien Giang province, Kien Giang Employment Service Center has intensified its coordination to provide job counseling, career orientation and job placement for prospective graduates.

CIC Group: 30 Years of Development

11:13:14 AM | 8/9/2022 | KIEN GIANG

Always advocating this goal, with high-class projects, and bringing different values ​​to the community, Kien Giang Construction and Investment Consulting Joint Stock Company (CIC Group) has increasingly created a strong position in the Kien Giang real estate market, while consolidating its strategy of becoming a strong multi-industry corporation.

Kien Giang Tourism: Post-COVID-19 Recovery

11:07:59 AM | 7/9/2022 | KIEN GIANG

The tourism picture of Kien Giang province brightened in the first six months of 2022, illustrated by a sharp increase in tourist arrivals and revenues. This good sign came as the tourism industry gradually regained recovery and development momentums and expected to reap more impressive results in the coming time. Mr. Bui Quoc Thai, Director of Kien Giang Tourism Department, gives an interview on these positive signals.

VICEM Ha Tien: Leading Gray to Green Transition in Cement Production

10:52:41 AM | 7/9/2022 | KIEN GIANG

Not only being a strong cement manufacturer in Vietnam, VICEM Ha Tien Cement Joint Stock Company is also a pioneering investor of technological transformation driven by alternative use of "green" fuels in production for environmental protection and sustainable development.

Meyhomes Capital Crystal City Leads Creation of First Innovation Hub of Phu Quoc

10:45:12 AM | 7/9/2022 | KIEN GIANG

Like DNA, what makes each person unique, innovation is also the only way to make breakthrough success and achieve sustainable development. At Meyhomes Capital Crystal City, innovation is likened to the DNA for construction of the first "Innovation Hub" model of Phu Quoc.

Modernizing Environmental Monitoring

10:38:50 AM | 7/9/2022 | KIEN GIANG

Never trading the environment for economy or for sustainable development, Kien Giang province always focuses on full environmental monitoring of air, water and soil; modernizes and improves monitoring capacity; and actively helps environmental protection in the province.

Enhancing Human Resource Quality to Meet Development Requirements

10:35:35 AM | 7/9/2022 | KIEN GIANG

The quality of human resources in Kien Giang province has been remarkably improved in recent years. The rate of trained workers and employed workers has increased steadily over the years. The labor structure has been shifted to expand industrial and service sectors and shrink agriculture, thus helping boost local socioeconomic development and meet labor market demands.

Completing Synchronous and Modern Traffic Infrastructure

10:25:37 AM | 7/9/2022 | KIEN GIANG

Knowing that traffic needs to “go one step ahead and pave the way” to boost socioeconomic development, Kien Giang province places a premium on investing in synchronous and modern transport infrastructure, strengthening local connections and forming regional connectivity to create momentum in investment attraction.

Promoting Restructure to Attract Investment in Agriculture

10:20:37 AM | 7/9/2022 | KIEN GIANG

Implementing the Project on restructuring the agricultural sector in association with new rural construction, Kien Giang province has advocated reorganizing production along the value chain for key export industries and potential export industries towards large commodity production, high technology application, environmental friendliness. The promotion of restructuring will also "pave the way" to attract investment in the agricultural sector.

Industry – Trade Sector: highlight of Economic Recovery and Development

10:13:17 AM | 7/9/2022 | KIEN GIANG

Kien Giang's industry, commerce and service sector has remarkably developed in recent years and greatly contributed to the overall growth of the province. In particular, the sector has experienced a strong post-COVID-19 recovery thanks to local consistent solutions.