Actively, Flexibly Improving Investment Promotion

10:45:28 AM | 27/4/2022 | TRA VINH

Tra Vinh province achieved positive results in investment attraction into economic zones and industrial zones over the past time. Its investment promotion has been further enhanced. Economic zones and industrial zones have helped draw investment resources, restructure the economy, increase budget revenue, promote growth and create jobs to lead industrialization, modernization and international integration of Tra Vinh province.

Tra Vinh Employment Service Center Solid Support for Employees

10:42:50 AM | 27/4/2022 | TRA VINH

As a non-business unit under the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Tra Vinh Employment Service Center has effectively advised and introduced jobs and solved unemployment insurance benefits for workers, thus promoting its role providing solid support for employees to find decent jobs and helping ensure social security for enterprises.

Raising HR Quality to Meet Business Needs

10:31:27 AM | 27/4/2022 | TRA VINH

With proper care and investment for vocational training and job introduction for workers, the quality of human resources in Tra Vinh province has been increasingly improved and the labor structure has gradually shifted in a desired pattern to better meet socioeconomic development requirements.

Improving Healthcare Quality

10:27:17 AM | 27/4/2022 | TRA VINH

In the past time, especially in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, together with the whole country, the team of doctors in Tra Vinh province have determined, made efforts, and are not afraid of difficulties and hardships to fulfill their duties of caring for patients and protecting people's health.

Construction of Synchronous and Continuous Transport Infrastructure

10:22:31 AM | 27/4/2022 | TRA VINH

After 30 years since re-establishing the province, the transport infrastructure system in Tra Vinh province has had a fairly clear and relatively synchronous development, making an important contribution to the provincial socio-economic development and promoting its investment attraction.

Aspirations for a Green, Modern City

10:17:34 AM | 27/4/2022 | TRA VINH

In 30 years since provincial reestablishment, Tra Vinh has made increasingly positive changes from socioeconomic development to infrastructure. Along that development path, with the support of the government and people, the construction sector has attained many inspirational achievements that help create a spacious and cultured face of Tra Vinh.

Truong Thanh Vietnam Group and 10-year Journey to Vast Ocean

10:07:15 AM | 27/4/2022 | TRA VINH

Stepping into renewable energy in 2015, projects invested by Truong Thanh Vietnam Group (TTVN Group) have to date achieved remarkable successes and affirmed its leadership in this industry in the country. This is also one of notable highlights of TTVN Group's 10-year development path.

High Expectations for the "Smokeless Industry"

2:21:41 PM | 26/4/2022 | TRA VINH

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Institute for Tourism and Economic Development Research, Tra Vinh has a lot of potential for tourism development, with extremely rich natural and cultural tourism resources. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that Tra Vinh is "a favorable land", an ideal destination for many domestic and foreign tourists.

Minh Tam General Hospital Wholehearted for Human Health

12:51:24 PM | 26/4/2022 | TRA VINH

Society is increasingly developed and human life is constantly improved, resulting in a higher need for healthcare. Being aware of that desire, Minh Tam General Hospital, the first large-scale private hospital in Tra Vinh province, always strives to become a reliable medical address for people in Tra Vinh and neighboring provinces.

Vietcombank Tra Vinh Sharing Difficulty, Adding Resources for Businesses to Overcome COVID-19

12:42:11 PM | 26/4/2022 | TRA VINH

Willing to share difficulties with customers and the community in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Tra Vinh Branch of Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank Tra Vinh) has actively joined forces with local authorities and agencies to apply support policies and solutions for people and enterprises to live through hardships to stabilize livelihoods and recover business in the post-pandemic period.